If you walk in joy, happiness is close behind.

- Todd Stocker

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New Round: Going Bust!

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It’s been a month and I know a lot of you ladies have been dying to pamper those boobies, butts, and bodies with some of SL’s hottest and sexy designers! A new round has started at Going Bust and rest assured there are some hot finds here with low prices. For this month you’ll find dresses, bodysuits, lingerie, and so much more! Don’t miss out.


Teleport to Going Bust


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Fifty Shades of Kinky at Uber!

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It’s that time of the month again when Uber opens its doors and if you’re up to some kinky action you should definitely check this round out! Inspired on the 50 Shades theme, these amazing designers have created something to suit every need. Make sure you TP down to Uber before it closes on October 28th!

· Connie ·

Teleport to Uber

MIA: Monso, Apple Fall


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It’s Sale Time at A&Co!

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There’s a big sale over at A&Co – and you’re invited! Until October 4th, select items through out the mainstore are up to 75% off regular retail pricing! Some items will be retired once the sale is over, so make sure you’ve picked up your favorite pieces before they’re gone forever. And while you’re there take an extra peek around, as you just may also find something special waiting for you for only 1L!


Teleport to A&Co

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Hellooooo Tuesday!

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Another Tuesday rolls around with awesome deals waiting for you in Happy Heaven!  Goodies for men and women, formal and casual, decor and more!   Stop by before these sales poof when the clock strikes midnight!



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The votes are in!

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Thank you for your huge, overwhelming response to The Seraphim Social theme selection for the redesigned event.  The results are in, and the next theme will be…


Your votes did more than simply choose the theme.  You also chose three of the five voting choices that will be available when choosing for the next round!  While Ethereal will be our upcoming theme, the three themes receiving the next highest votes will be available again in future rounds.  The theme you chose may not have been selected, but that does not mean the theme disappears entirely.  Two new themes will be created to accompany the three that are being retained for future voting.  This pattern will continue in each round of The Seraphim Social.

If you have a theme idea you would like to see in upcoming rounds of The Seraphim Social, fill out the form found HERE.

♥♥ Del & Your Seraphim Team



Ethereal – 27.46%- Selected theme for the upcoming round

Imagination – 23.32% – Will be an option in the next round

Deadly – 20.21% – Will be an option in the next round

Paradox – 15.03% – Will be an option in the next round

Tranquility – 13.99% – Will be dropped from theme selection

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Shop ’til You Drop with The Challenge

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TC093014LOGOThe Challenge is back with fantastic new items for both store owners and shopaholics alike in this month’s “shopping” themed round. Take a look at the goodies on offer and then go and grab your favourites before October 6th, while the first week discount still applies!

Chiana ❀


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The Bling Hunt Shines!

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I’ve been hanging on the edge of my seat in anticipation waiting for this hunt for weeks now, and it’s finally here! The Bling Hunt starts today and runs through October 30th, where the amazing creators will be lavishing you with all things full of sparkle and shine. There are up to 50 participating stores and each prize will only cost you 1L, so this is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself on a budget. What girl (or guy, for that matter) doesn’t like a new flashy piece to show off?


The Bling Hunt Blog Landmarks and Hints

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50% Off Sale at Emporium!

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For one week only, enjoy 50% off everything in the Emporium mainstore. There is some smokin’ hot apparel and shoes marked down and just waiting for you to give it a good home! This great half off sale ends October 6th, so grab your taxi and head on over, there’s no time to waste!


Teleport to Emporium

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Cosmopolitan Room! New Round, new YOU!

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A new round of Cosmopolitan Room has creeped up on us and what a wonderful feeling it is!! All  new exclusive items just for you and it will make you proud! Head over to this all inclusive sales room and pick out all the great deals from clothing to accessories to home decor. You can’t go wrong and you’ll walk out feeling brand new! Two weeks only until the next round! Happy Shopping!!

Nevy and Eden

Teleport to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room


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Fashion Wardrobe is in full swing!

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It’s that time again when Fashion Wardrobe opens its doors to the masses. Come on down and check out the fantastic items these designers have out and discounted just for you. With deals like these, you can’t afford to miss out. With everything from accessories to shapes, you’re bound to find something to snatch up. Happy Shopping!

☺Ambreh Lynn

Teleport to Fashion Wardrobe


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Designer Circle: New Round!

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It’s been two weeks and a new round of Designer Circle is here! Check out all the new products from our upcoming designers and all in one spot for all your shopping needs! You only have a good two weeks to relish in this shopping experience so take advantage of it, now! Happy Shopping!!


Teleport To Designer Circle


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Skin Retirement Sale at Anxiety!

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If you’re looking for a new skin to start the new season with, make sure you check out this huge retirement sale at Anxiety! While the designers are working on rolling out new skin collections, take advantage of all of their current skin fatpacks marked down to only 50L! Not only that, they will be sitting out free skins for you to enjoy for the duration of the sale. As soon as the new skins are ready to hit the market, the sale will end and all older skins will disappear from the grid forever, so don’t drag your feet and risk being left out!

Teleport to Anxiety

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LazZzy Sunday!

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The beginning of the week is best when you start off with a cup of coffee in one hand and a bit of shopping! Check out this weeks new round of Lazy Sunday and what’s set out for you, priced 75L or LESS! One day of super savings, only! Happy Shopping!



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35L Sunday Has What You Need!

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Oh, you want one last sales event before the weekend is over? Okay! How about a little bit of 35L Sunday? It offers you awesome designers, 24 hours of shopping time, and bargain basement pricing of only 35L per item. Yeah, I knew you’d like that! Preview all the items on their page and get yourself out there before midnight tonight!


35L Sunday Photos


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Saying Sayonara to Summer Sale at Reign!

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It’s time to say Sayonara to Summer with Reign! Head over to their mainstore and scour the place for the cute little sun on select summer apparel, shoes,  and accessories. These items are marked down to only 75L each! Now is the time to finally score all of those cute wedges, sexy sky high heels, and teeny tiny shorts you’ve been pining for all summer! This sale ends October 3rd so hurry up and I’ll race you there!


Teleport to Reign

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The Saturday Sale is Waiting!

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The Saturday Sale got up nice and early this morning, and is waiting for you to roll your groggy self out of that bed! Slip on your house shoes, rub the sleep out of your eyes and snatch the list from our in -world group, because you are absolutely not going to want to miss your chance at cashing in on so many quality products at just 50L-75L! Set your watch, this sale ends at midnight tonight!


Teleport to Reign

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Feel The Crisp Fall Air At The Neighbourhood!

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The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is here again with amazing home and decor designers from across the grid. There are a bunch of cute items to decorate your home with this round so make sure to pick it all up before 11:59PM tonight!



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The Dressing Room Fusion.

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It’s been two weeks already since our last round of The Dressing Room Fusion and this new round is even better! All new products from top notch designers and it’s all set between 40L to 70L! You have to check this out! Happy Shopping!


Teleport to the Dressing Room Fusion


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30L Saturday Creeps Up on You!

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30L Saturday has shown it’s beautiful face once again this weekend to help you kick off this great day! Until midnight tonight, enjoy the 30L items designers have generously sprawled out for you all over the grid. The list has been sent out to our in-world group so you have no excuses to miss out, grab it and go go go!


Teleport to Whatz

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