Nobody ever died of laughter.

- Max Beerbohm

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Introducing : Event @ 1st!

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EVENT1ST050115Welcome to Event @1st, the event helping designers showcase both their brand new event exclusives, along with some of their all-time favorites! A quick browse around and you’ll find some gorgeous clothing, stunning accessories, and even some great skins and poses to start off your month on a high note. Pencil a visit into your schedule before this round ends on May 25th. We’ll see you there!


Teleport to Event @1st

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Let’s spice things up at Uber!

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It seems impossible but Uber keeps getting better and better! This month designers have truly outdone themselves to bring us all some unique items crafted around the theme “Spice”. The most colorful, exotic creations are here for you to enjoy, so teleport to Uber right now because this round will be over on June 23rd!

· Connie ·

Teleport to Uber


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A Little Memorial Day Sneak Peek!

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The unofficial start to Summer has already rolled upon us, and it’s time to get yourself ready for the influx of warm weather get-togethers at this month’s Sneak Peek! Come check out all of the cutting-edge fashions for the new season before the sunsets on this round on June 5th!


Teleport to Sneak Peek

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Designer Circle is here with a boom!

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Another amazing round has started at Designer Circle! This classy event brings us amazing items all for under $100L. Your feet, body, nails, and jewelry needs can be met starting today and ending on the 6th of June so grab those pocket books and get your shop on!


Teleport to Designer Circle


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Introducing – FamouStation!

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Allow me to introduce you to your newest obsession – FamouStation! This stop in the inspirational journey lands us in Milan, where you will indulge in the fashionable and artistic exclusives highlighting the beauty of the city. Grab your passport, this leg of your trip ends June 17th at 1PM SLT!


Teleport to FamouStation

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Sunday with Suicide Dollz!

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Happy sunday!! I bring you Suicide dollz brand new round! Please remember to head down there until 5th of June.

Atiya ツ

MIA:Dappa,Dirty Stories, Scene


Teleport to Suicide Dollz



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Lazy Sunday is Back in Action!

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Lazy SundayLazy Sunday is finally back in action for this brand new week and just  like always, everything is 75L or LESS! So grab your coffee and the notecard, and get to this search across the grid! You only today to get all these amazing items!



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Hurry! 35L Sunday Awaits!

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35L Sunday would never leave you stranded without an end of the weekend sale! Until midnight tonight, you can pick up one of everything on the list for the low, low price of just 35L each!  Dust off your shopping shoes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s work to do!


35L Sunday Blog

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Memorial Day Sale at {NANTRA}!

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Stop by the {NANTRA} mainstore this Memorial Day weekend for 30% off all pose sets!  The sale ends along with the extended weekend on May 25th at 11:59PM SLT, so get over there quick to cash in on the holiday savings!


Teleport to {NANTRA}

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A Super Duper Round of The Saturday Sale!

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And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Dun dun dun dun! The Saturday Sale! Everything, and I do mean everything, on the list is just 50L – 75L until midnight tonight. So what’s the hold up? Fly yourself over to Reign to grab a copy of the list and disappear with the savings!


Teleport to Reign

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Neverland Gacha Event is ready to take you far far away!

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The Neverland Gacha Event has surprised us this round with all the wonderful things for Summer! The designers this round have brought us something to play with, stylish swimsuits, and amazing accessories! If you are littler, have someone you want to buy for that is little, or just think you are small enough to fit these items make sure you get yourself down to the Neverland Gacha Event! It all starts now and ends on the 20th of June so don’t miss out on these goodies.


MIA: Tadpole’s

Teleport to Neverland Gacha Event


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Sixty Linden Weekends Rolls Out!

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I didn’t think that week was ever going to end, did you? We finally made it to Saturday and to another exhilarating round of Sixty Linden Weekends! The designers never disappoint with their offerings of incredible clothing, accessories, and home decor. And cherry on top? Everything is just 60L each! Sweeeeet! Check out their full preview of what’s in store for you this week, and then get your shopping done before they’re all gone at midnight on Sunday!


Sixty Linden Weekends Photos

Sixty Linden Weekends Flickr

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Hurry Into 30L Saturday!

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Look, we only have until midnight tonight to scope out all of the savings on today’s 30L Saturday list. So let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? Tons of clothing, accessories, and home decor. All of it just 30L each. And all for only 24 hours! There’s not a moment to waste! Ready, set, break!


Teleport to Whatz

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It’s Getting Hauteness in Here!

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It’s time to jump feet first into an incredible second go at a ton of fabulous 100L fashions! Many of your favorite designers, and maybe even a few that are new to you, have pulled out all the stops again this time, so there’s no way you’ll go home empty handed. Make sure you hit them up before this round ends on June 4th at 8PM SLT!


Teleport to Hauteness

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Outlet Retirement Sale at Pure Poison!

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Pure Poison is holding an astonishing Retirement Sale! Make your way to their Outlet room, and you’re going to find an array of shoes, clothing, and every accessory you can imagine for an incredible 10L – 100L! Once the sale ends on May 27th, everything in the Outlet will be retired from the grid forever, so go browse through them all while you still can!


Teleport to Pure Poison

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New Round of The Dressing Room Fusion!

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Happy Weekend Everyone!  The Dressing Room Fusion refreshes again today providing you all some low priced fashion, avatar enhancements, and accessories just in time for the weekend!

♣ Cinder

Teleport to The Dressing Room Fusion


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Baby, Do You Wanna Get Freaky Fridays with Me?

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You’re gonna be packin’ all the flavor they need, gonna have them shook, up on their knees, after this week’s round of Freaky Friday! Everything is marked to just 69L each until May 27th, so get over there and get right for the weekend!


Teleport to Freaky Fridays

Freaky Fridays Flickr

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50L Friday for Kids

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yaaay! 50L Friday for Kids is a tiny bit late but it has arrived!! :) All you need is to get your kids out and enjoy this friday only sale!!

MIA: Larnia kids

Atiya ツ


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It’s Fifty Linden Fridays!

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Fifty Linden Fridays52215The week is finally over with and that means just one thing: Fifty Linden Fridays!  Today only a list of your favorite designers have marked an item or two down to just 50L!   Don’t wait long, these special deals will disappear at 11:59pm tonight!


MIA:  Lark, David Heather, Consignment, Olive, Junbug


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Quick, grab these Bargains 4 Babies!

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It’s time to go on another shopping spree because Bargains 4 Babies is back with more amazing deals for only 75L or less! Make sure you pick them all before Thursday 28th or they’ll be gone forever!


Bargains 4 Babies blog

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