The truth may be out there, but lies are inside your head.

- Terry Pratchett

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Steals and Deals for You and Me!

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Shew! That sure was one heck of a long work week, now I really need to unwind with some quality bargain shopping! But don’t worry, I won’t hog all of the Steals and Deals to myself. In fact, I’ll even link you straight to their full preview of this weekend’s offers that are all discounted to at least 50% off! Just make sure you snag them all before this round ends Monday at midnight!


Steals and Deals Blog

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Summer has come to Cosmopolitan!

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LOGOSummer is here and when you walk into Cosmopolitan this month, you will feel it all around you! With beach decor, clothing and some of the best designers coming together from around Second Life, this round is definitely one you do not want to miss. It has already started and will only be here until July 5th, so get your Visa card, grab your purse and your bestie by the arm and race on down here to find all the Summer wares your heart could desire!

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to Cosmopolitan


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Weekly Hunt Survival Guide June 29th – July 5th

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Nothing says I love Mondays then the Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide!   Once again The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide is here with more amazing hunts from tea parties, fantasy events, summer fun, trips around the world, and so much more!  Grab your tennis shoes and head out to see what goodies you can find, some of these end this week and won’t be around forever.  Whatever your pleasure, The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide has you covered.



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Accessory Retirement Sale at Mes Petites Coutures!

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  • mpc. Retirement Sale
  • June 28th – July 5th, 2015
  • All accessories
  • Many items retired to Marketplace at the end of the sale
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to mpc.
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All New Designer Circle!

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DC060715The doors have opened on an all new round of Designer Circle, and not only is it chock full of new goodies, but it’s moved as well, so update those landmarks!  You have until July 11th to shop till you drop, so be sure not to miss out on the awesome savings!

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

Teleport to Designer Circle

MIA: Babydoll


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Sundae season at FAD Fashion Event!

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FAD28062015So last month was FAD Fashion Event first round and it went pretty smoothly 😀 In this brand new round they had to do an upgrade on the building so they could fit more designers for you all to enjoy! :) I promise you wont be disappointed if you decided to stop by before the 25th of July!

Atiya ツ

MIA: Indyra, Snaphappy

Teleport to FAD Fashion Event


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Calling All DJs to Hostcrate!

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  • 4th of July Summer Sale at Hostcrate
  • June 28th – July 5th, 2015
  • All new monthly, weekly, and  lifetime stream licenses plus renewals
  • 70% off
  • Teleport to Hostcrate
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Lazy Sunday is Lazier than Ever!!

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Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday is back for a brand new week of sales! All items that are included in today’s round are 75L or less, and that does mean you only have until tonight to get them all!



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Summertime for Going Bust!

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It’s summertime and that means Going Bust is bringing you some sexy clothing you can wear during this hot weather! You only have two weeks to get these amazing 100L or less deals, so come on by before it ends on July 12th!


Teleport to Going Bust


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It’s Time Again for 35L Sunday!

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What’s the best part of the weekend?  Relaxation and the 35L Sunday Sale!  Everything priced at the low price of 35Ls, so you can really stock up on some savings.  Deals like this don’t stay around, you only have until  midnight, so you have to act fast.  Take advantage of your weekend with the 35L Sunday.


35L Sunday Blog

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Never grow up, with Neverland Kids Gacha!

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This month’s round of Neverland Kids Gacha is a real treasure trove of fun with the theme “Tomboyz”! Gachas for nerdy, sporty, gamery girls and boys, and anyone who just doesn’t feel like putting on a dress right now! The round of Neverland runs from right now until July 20th!

Nivaya <3

Teleport to Neverland Kids Gacha


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Time for The Neighbourhood!

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It’s that time again! The Neighbourhood is back with an awesome round of home and decor items. Everything is only 150L each, such an awesome deal! It only lasts today, don’t miss it!

❤ Indigo


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It’s The Saturday Sale Time!

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It’s that time again, hello Saturday Sale!  Thirty fabulous designers showcasing their products equals one great sale.  Treat yourself to some huge saving as everything is 50L -75L from now until midnight.  Shop until you drop, you deserve it!


Teleport to Reign

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A Brand New Shopping Experience at 30L Saturday!

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30L Saturday has returned again this weekend with another list bursting with fantastic bargains, all priced at, you guessed it, just 30L! And if you’re feeling froggy, you can even help them beta test their brand new shopping HUD. Just grab a copy out of their in-world group for direct teleports to each store location. But make sure you get all of your shopping done before this round ends at midnight tonight!


Teleport to Whatz

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It’s Time to Get Going to Sixty Linden Weekends!

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Happy Saturday, Sunshine! It’s time to roll yourself out of bed, brush your teeth and splash some water on your face, because there’s some awesome deals awaiting you with this weekend’s round of Sixty Linden Weekends! The designers have all put their best foot forward, bringing you loads of fantastic items all marked at just 60L each. So run a brush through your hair, throw on some comfy shopping clothes, and get going before it all ends Sunday at midnight!


Sixty Linden Weekends Photos

Sixty Linden Weekends Flickr

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Happy Anniversary, SOU!

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SOU by is celebrating it’s very 1st anniversary, and you’re invited to the party! This round has some absolutely stunning creations by some of your favorite designers – apparel, home decor, skins, accessories, shoes, poses, and even more! Everything is discounted by 20 – 50%, plus enjoy tons of special discounts for their anniversary round, along with many great gifts from the designers. Plan your visit before the festivities end on July 25th!


Teleport to SOU by


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Celebrating Summer at Black Tulip!

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  • Summer Sale at Black Tulip
  • June 26th – July 5th, 2015
  • Poses – sets, couples, and groups
  • Excludes individual solo poses
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to Black Tulip
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Kick Off Your Weekend With Freaky Friday!

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What better way to welcome in the weekend, then Freaky Friday?  Feeling sexy and a little bit naughty, this is the place for you!  Shop til you drop only until midnight, then it’s over.  Put on your sexiest stilettos and sashay on over to Freaky Fridays!


Freaky Fridays Flickr

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Hey kids, it’s Bargains 4 Babies!

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It’s been a busy week but now it’s time to relax and treat yourself to some freshly picked bargains! For as little as 75L you can get a lot of sweet, sweet deals for the little ones, but remember to grab them before Thursday 2nd or you’ll miss them!


Bargains 4 Babies blog

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Weekend Summer Sale at Reckless!

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  • Weekend Summer Sale at Reckless
  • June 26 – June 28
  • Everything in store discounted
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to ReckLess
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Fi*Fridays Heats it Up!

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Fi*Fridays is back with a hot new round to start your weekend! So many sexy outfits, shoes, accessories, and so much more! The best part is it’s only 55L per item! Hurry down and check it out before it ends on June 29th.

❤ Indigo

Teleport to Fi*Fridays


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