Atelier Kreslo featuring ANA and BoOgErS!

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Atelier Kreslo


Atelier Kreslo’s February round has finally arrived and trust me, it’s a goody! There has been a collaboration between Surrealia Anatine of ANA and Zen Zarco of <:*BoOgErS*:> and with their great minds becoming one they’ve come up with a simple yet fun wearable Rollie Chair with AO or Banker Chair decor. The Rollie Chair is an attachment and includes an AO available for toddler, child, or adult avatars. The Banker Chair includes 2 animated sits per 3 sizes/types of avatars (Tiny/Little/Big and only, available in 6 colors, 4LI, c/nm/nt. This exclusive item is only available at Atelier Kreslo until March 13th, so be sure to stop by and pick one up!


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  1. Hi there, I was looking through your posts and I noticed this one, the gallery link only goes to an image, not the gallery.

    • Hi there, and thank you for your comment. Atelier Kreslo is a specialty shop that features one creation per month. There is not gallery, but a single picture each month of the collaborative creation the designers have produced. Thank you! Del