I Do Wedding Expo 2014

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The I Do Wedding Expo returns for it’s 3rd time! This event is all about Second Life Weddings, so you can’t miss out if you’re planning one, taking part in one or have future daydreams of that sparkly and beautiful day. This event specializes in all departments for the big day, from venues, photography, of course CLOTHING and services to help you make that day so perfect for you and your loved one. All things kick off May 22nd 2014 at 6PM and end June 7th 2014. A $1000L cash giveaway will go to 2 participants and a hunt will be taking place! Prizes are left all around the expo venue for you to find and enjoy. Don’t forget that there will also be live entertainment, do you need any other reason to enjoy such a fun event? See you there!

I Do Wedding Expo Site

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