Seraphim Spotlight – NP Milneaux

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For the month of May, Seraphim Spotlight brings you a Q & A session with NP Milneaux. She is the Public Relations Manager for all the events Seraphim runs or is involved in – like the upcoming event ‘The End’, or one-time events like ‘Cirque de Seraphim’.  Get to know her a little better by clicking ‘Read More’.


* What was your first job in Second Life?
Very first job was at a club called Babylon. I was a dancer. I know, I know, I’m a total cliche.

* Icecream, frozen yoghurt, or sorbet ?
Icecream, the real stuff! None of that low fat or sugar free stuffs.

* If you were to create a piece of art, what would be your medium, and why?
I don’t think of myself as artistic at all. I’m definitely skewed to the logical side of things. If I were to attempt it though I’d try painting to play with the colors.

* Do you have a favorite activity spot in Second Life?
I work too much in SL to have a fave activity spot! When I do have down time in game I’m usually at my personal parcel where I play games with friends.

* Name one item you don’t leave your RL home without (keys, wallet, cell phone are a given).
I have to have my brush and lipgloss!

* Do you follow any sports? If so, do you have a favorite team?
>My husband follows sports, mainly baseball and football so I’d have to say the Braves and Falcons are my teams although I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan.I root for him rather than the team really.

* Give us one older item in SL that you love and wish would be made over in Mesh.
I think mesh creators in SL are fabulous and I’ve updated everything I keep around me at home. I love bookcases and knick knacks so the low impact of mesh means I can have even more clutter scattered around!

* How do you keep organized? Spreadsheets, post-it notes all over your monitor, handwritten lists, or something entirely different?
I use Google Docs and have spreadsheets galore for all my work with Seraphim and Cleavage. For the RL I use a post-it note type program on my phone.

* Plaid and polka dots in one outfit – fashion faux-pas or perfectly acceptable?
Full blown plaid and polka dots are a total no no, but if they are accent textures in the same or complimenting color family, I’d totally rock that.

* What’s your favorite style of music?
Pop. I do like lots of music including classical, Celtic, New Age, Rock, Alternative, etc and pick one based on my mood or just what I want to listen to, but more often than not I’m listening to Top 40 stuffs.

Thank you, NP, for the great answers!

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