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In the Seraphim Spotlight for the month of June, I managed to snag our blogger Ginger to ask her a few questions to find out what makes her tick. I’m sharing the answers to those questions with you, all you have to do is click ‘Read More’.



* Were you quiet or a wild child?
I was pretty quiet as a child, even though I was known for cutting in line for lunch at school. Oops. Hey, I was hungry!

* Do you have a decorating style in SL?
It varies! I like to decorate around the new things I get that I am excited about. Right now it’s beach.

* What brought you into SL?
My ex’s brother’s girlfriend played SL and kept talking about it. I finally decided I would give it a go and got completely addicted!

* Flowery gifts – cut in bouquets or growing in containers?

* What’s your favorite food that’s bad for you?

* What’s your favorite food that’s good for you?
I don’t like very many healthy foods so probably the one I like the most would be strawberries.

* Ponytail or pigtails (SL), and why?
Pigtails, because there are two! ^.^

*  Are you happiest in your own space, at home, or do you always want to be on the go (SL and/or RL)?
On SL I usually like to be on the go. In RL I am always most comfortable at my own home. It has my bed, my food, my computer, my TV, and my kitty!!

* Share with us the item in SL that you use most often?
Again this varies a lot on the recent things I’ve bought. Right now I am loving my Truth Sukie hair.

* Name one of your favorite animals, and the reason?
DUH! KITTIES!!!!!!!!!! Kitties are just the best in the whole wide world. No explaining needed.

Ginger, thank you so much for your great answers!

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