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This month for our Seraphim Spotlight, I trapped and caged sat down with Del, the owner of Seraphim, to find out a few things about her that we can use as blackmail material might be of interest to you, as they were for us. Our team came up with some good questions, so without further ado, here is the interview – please click on <Read More>.


* What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?

When I had just gotten a car, I told my mother I would make my car payment if she would pay my insurance.  I told my father the opposite.  They were divorced and really never spoke directly to each other.  I got away with it for about a year, until they finally DID talk about my high school graduation and somehow car payments came up and the truth came out.  I had to pay them both back and also pay my own way from that point forward.

* What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?

I can’t say under penalty of law.

* What’s your favorite thing about being the owner of Seraphim?

Hands down its the people I’ve met.  Every single person I’ve worked with in the past couple years has left an impact on me in one way or another.  Some provided me valuable lessons that I needed to learn, others showed me exactly how I wanted to conduct business within Second Life, and with many I have formed lasting bonds that have carried forward into amazing friendships, some even have moved in to RL friendships.  I’m really very fortunate in this regard.

* What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship is vitally important to me, in both worlds.  People who have proven themselves to be my true friend I continue to be loyal to, and will be forever.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt relatively easy from friendships, even those made online, so I am a bit more discerning in who I choose to let see the real me behind the ridiculously inappropriate humor and seething sarcasm.

* What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

I think it really depends on the audience.  Everyone has their limits, and I have definitely pushed them a time or two.  Maybe three.  I think it’s really knowing that the person is joking with you, and having the wherewithal to say hey — that was over the line and I found it offensive.  That conversation really needs to happen if you hit a trigger for someone else so you at least have the opportunity to understand their perspective and apologize if you feel it is the right thing to do.  It’s hard to say in general that XYZ should never be joked about.  If you’re comfortable with someone and they understand you, I’m not sure anything is off the table.

* Do you have any phobias?

Well I used to be terrified of frogs, but since moving to Florida I have learned to tolerate them.  I am not excited to see them, but I am not running the other direction anymore either.  That’s probably the closest I’ve ever come to an actual phobia, except for the normal fears like abandonment or death.

* Do you believe we will ever find life on other planets?

Yeah, I think we will.  I think that in this whole huge massive universe that we’re awfully egocentric to believe we’re the only life out there.  But obviously they either don’t know about us either or they’re peaceful, so it’s all good.

* How do you de-stress?

Sleep.  Or things that make me want to sleep, like food.  Also sex.  Mostly sleep, though.

* If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would like to buy a villa while on a tour of Tuscany and move there because Under the Tuscan Sun was a great movie.

* Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If not, do you want any?


* Is it true that Tara is your favorite?

I cannot answer this under penalty of law.

* How did you find out about Second Life, and what sparked your interest to join?

Actually I was doing an indie podcast with a friend of mine, and we heard about SL and the awesome promotional opportunities for new media.  We joined up to promote our podcast and all these years laters, I’m still here and the podcast is long gone.

* If you were to write a tell all book about your second life, what would you name it?

Delicate Flower: The Untold True Story

* If you could meet anyone in from Second Life, who would it be?

I have met some of my best RL friends because we started a friendship here in SL that transcended into the real world.  My very best friend (who I have not yet met) is Wavie Haller, so I suppose he would be next on the list.  Also, a free trip to Scotland would be kind of nice (hint, hint) LOL

* What is the strangest food craving you’ve ever had?

I love these sandwiches that my mom made for me as a kid called bug sandwiches.  I know it sounds nasty from the name, but they’re just chopped black olives mixed with mayo on white bread. Probably the most unhealthy sandwich on the planet, but it’s a childhood memory and something other people think is totally bizarre!  LOL

* What does your RL Blanket look like?

It’s a slate blue with silver floral accents.

* Tell the truth here…… do you wear your seatbelt?!

It honestly depends.  If I’m getting on the highway then yes, always.  If I’m just running up the road to grab a coffee or something, not usually.

* How can you deal with so much awesomeness in your Seraphim team? I realize it must be really hard so please tell us your secret!

Honestly, it’s very humbling.  The fabulous people that I get the pleasure of working with every day never fail to brighten my day.  They’re smart, intuitive and fun to be around.  On bad days, they’re often one of the few bright spots.  I’m really very lucky.

* What is your must-have physical object aka property?

My phone.  I am totally one of those people who is looking at her phone every minute I’m not otherwise occupied.  It saves me from boredom with games and internet availability and keeps me in touch with friends and family around the world on a daily and hourly basis.  Plus it’s just super cool that I can walk around with a little baby computer in my purse!

* If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Atiya says that Portugal is pretty country to visit

Tuscany is my number one travel destination of choice.  But really, I’d take a trip just about anywhere in Europe…especially Portugal to visit Atiya!

* How do you feel about lemonade? Really?

I love fresh-squeezed lemonade!  That powder stuff is just…ewwwwww.  And what is with pink lemonade?  Lemons aren’t pink!  Strawberry or raspberry lemonade, sure…but pink?!  No thank you!

* What is one of your favorite noob memories in Second Life?

I remember how the grid was down every single Tuesday for pretty much the whole day, just because.  And when you would cross a sim line every single attachment you were wearing would wind up in your butt!  I used to have to fish earrings out of my butt on the regular!  LOL  Back then there was not a “current outfit” folder to see exactly what you were wearing and if you had detached it all.  Ahhh the memories….

* Favorite Taylor Swift song?

Ugh I am *not* a Taylor Swift fan.  I guess if I was absolutely forced to pick one song under duress it would be ‘Shake it Off’ because at least it’s catchy.

Thanks for all the good answers, Del, including the one to the question I censored and omitted from this post 😉

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