Seraphim Spotlight – Cherrie Martian!

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I don’t know what we at Seraphim would do without the amazing Cherrie.  Not only does she have the voice of an angel, but the woman NEVER seems to sleep or slow down.  Popular theory is that Cherrie is a Vampire or a Robot…. or a Vampire Robot.  Whatever the truth, she is one incredible lady and such a joy to work with!

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

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What made you apply to join the Seraphim team?
I have always been an avid Seraphim reader! Who doesn’t love shopping? I joined so I could be the first to know about events and sales.

What is the best thing about Seraphim?
It’s cliche I know, but it is the people. The team is amazing, they keep me laughing and motivated. I love them and all of their quirks, even Floopsy!

What’s your most embarrassing moment in SL?
I honestly can not think of one right now.

If you were stranded on a deserted sim, what 5 things from your inventory would you take with you?
Five things I need on a daily basis, my lipstick, eyelashes, a cute bikini, wine, and my laptop with the link to marketplace.

What does your inventory look like?
I try and clean it out when I have a chance, but it seriously needs major help! I feel like an SL hoarder. In other words, it’s out of control.

What is the oldest item in your inventory?
I keep one of my first pictures in my inventory to remind me how far I came. It keeps me humble, trust me. Lol.

What item in your inventory can you not live without?

What would you consider your biggest addiction in SL?
Work. I’m a work-a-holic, in SL as RL. Work relaxes me and keeps me busy. Shopping is a close second.

What five words best describe you?
Compassionate, private, determined, loyal, and crazy. We all have to have some crazy to make life fun.

Are your nipples real?
Lol, no, I bought those too. They are pretty though.

What is the best advice in SL anyone ever gave you?
Everyone comes to SL for their own reasons, so don’t take anything in SL personal. Second Life is a selfish game, meaning, it is all about you being happy. Don’t feel bad for being happy and putting yourself first here.

What is your favorite quote?
Be yourself, unless your a unicorn, then be a unicorn.

What is a typical SL day like for you?
I log on check my messages, scan list for sales, check the Seraphim website for events, change clothes, chat with a few friends/family, work, shop, and then log.

What are you wearing – RIGHT NOW!!!?
Hello Kitty PJ pants and a tank top.

When you’re not covering SL events for Seraphim, what would we more than likely find you doing?
Shopping or doing pictures if I am even online, otherwise you could find me playing Blade and Soul. I’m a gamer.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Does a woodchuck really chuck wood?

Which Disney princess would you be?
I’m a little bit of a Feminist, so I would have to go with Anna from Frozen. I love that they finally made the guy in the story an option. It bothers me a bit that Disney makes all the stories where getting the prince is the end game, when it should be finding and being happy with yourself whether or not you have a prince.

If you could change one thing about SL, what would that be?
The lag! That and the wait to get into the events I don’t cover or am not on the access list. People assume because we work for Seraphim we get into all the events early, in a perfect SL we would, but we don’t. (Agreed – Jordy)

What would you call your SL style?
My style depends on my mood at the time I get dressed, however, I do try to keep it classy… for the most part.

What do you hope people say about you…behind your back?
I hope they say I’m compassionate, fun, and a little bit crazy, but in a good way.