A Very Seraphim Thanksgiving

Posted by on Nov 24, 2016 in (4) One of a Kind | Comments Off on A Very Seraphim Thanksgiving


This year the lovely ladies at Seraphim gathered for a formal feast full of delicious goodies like tacos, hot dogs, and pie! Before we ate each of us went around and shared what we were thankful for (and then thought what we were really thankful for), which is captured in this lovely holiday memory.


Wishing our you all a happy, healthy, and joyous Thanksgiving and start of this year’s holiday season.


Your Seraphim Team: Alex, Alice, Ambreh, Atiya, Beth, Cherries, Connie, Eden, Floopsy, Ginger, Heidi, Indigo, Jordan, Jacqueline, Mocha, Heidi & Del


While we strive to make our posts as timely as we possibly can, we appreciate your patience today and through the coming weekend as many of our team members celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and relax with their loved ones.