Hear Ye, Hear Ye – Fantasy Faire Open Until May 7th!

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Back again for it’s tenth year in Second Life – it’s the Fantasy Faire, an event that’s chock full of all kinds of fantastical things for your needs, be you a designer, enthusiast, roleplayer, or more. There will be all kinds of events and more and the best part? It’s to support the American Cancer Society. A great event for a great cause – and it needs YOU there! Just make sure to check it all out before it closes on May 7th!


Teleport to the Fantasy Faire

View the Shopping Catalogue


  1. While the direct SLurls are a great idea, the Pinterest Gallery isn’t! You can’t see anything properly, there’s no price info, Pinterest changes the order every time you look at it and then you have to go back and find the SLurl anyway! Why not do a Seraphim Gallery?

    • Hi!
      Thank you for reaching out with your concerns, we appreciate it! The Pinterest Gallery is made available by the event owner, we are simply linking to it for the convenience of our readers. Fantasy Faire – with 15 sims and an incredible amount of designers – is too large an event to cover with a picture gallery.
      Regards, Heidi

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