Take Me Away to Equal 10!

Posted by on Jun 10, 2018 in Equal10 | 2 comments

It’s been a long month and it is only the 10th!  The best way to pass the time and raise your spirits up is to shop Equal 10.  With some amazing designers and a cool, neon setup, you cant help but come away with a spring in your step and some fabulous new items for yourself!  So forget your worries and take yourself down to Equal 10.  This round ends on July 5th.


Teleport to Equal10

MIA:  Cake, Hervae, Mila, Noche




  1. The unicorn highlighter that is being shown by “Just Magnetized” is incorrect. The vendor is showing this, https://gyazo.com/f1b4dc4ebbf620659e8c34f2ff934a10 in world @ the event, opium lipstick. Now for my question…where do I get the highlighter???

    • Thank you, Vahallena, for bringing it to my attention. I have removed it from the post, at the time I did the post that is what was there. As far as the makeup, I suggest you check out her store. I hope that helps! =]

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