Gift for You, Gift for Me, Gift for.. Shhhh, It’s a Secret! at Cupid Inc.

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There is no better time than now to treat yourself and your loved ones to a special gift. Cupid Inc. has gone all out and is full of cuteness and love so much that you won’t know what hit you! Or will you? Cupid might just shoot you with one of his arrows and send you a gift token! If you receive a token, you will need to visit Cupid’s Office and use their specific website to redeem it. The really fun part here is, there is a chance that you might have gotten a gift from a secret admirer! Yep that’s right, you can send someone a gift anonymously and Cupid won’t reveal your name. Get those gifts out soon, this event will end on February 15th!

Ginger <3 xoxo

Teleport to Cupid Inc.

Teleport to Cupid’s Office (Redeem Gifts)

MIA: Amitie, Foxcity, Kibitz, Lybra, Pumec


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