Why Should I Advertise With Seraphim?

Since we began in July of 2011, we have had over 28,027,435 views!

As of October 1, 2017, Seraphim averages approximately:

  • 258,492 visits in September 2017
  • 824,265 page views in September 2017
  • 7,133,123 page views in 2017 (year-to-date)
  • 9.84% new, unique visitors in 2017 (year-to-date)
  • 15,897 registered users active in the last 30 days

The sky is the limit in terms of growth and we want you to grow along with us! Our rates are among the lowest you will find.  Seraphim advertising is a great investment for anything from short-term events to long-term promotion.

We cover nearly 100 recurring events per month, plus sales, hunts, and other non-recurring sales and fashion events.  When you search “Seraphim” or almost any event we cover on Google, you will find us on the very first page!  Seraphim is syndicated on several of the most popular fashion feeds, including iheartsl, SL Chic Critique, Virtual Fashion Feeds, Fashion in Pixels, Grid Syndicate,, GlamourSL, and SL Universe.

We use technology to our full advantage. Whether SLers are checking us out from the comfort of their own homes or from their beloved smartphones, Seraphim simply works! Our blog is easy to navigate no matter how you decide to read us, and we share all of our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk too!


NOTE: event coverage and paid promotional advertising are not the same!


The sales and event coverage provided by Seraphim is completely free and is a service to the readers and shoppers of Second Life.  We do not charge for event coverage – we never have, and we never will.  If you would like increased promotion and exposure on Second Life’s most visited sales and events site, we offer the packages detailed below.  While paid advertising can be purchased to enhance sales and event coverage, it is not required.  Further, paid promotional advertising does not guarantee event coverage.  To be considered for event coverage, please fill out the appropriate form on our contact page.




Sticky Advertising

Daily Advertisement

1 of 2 promotions per day

Top of the home page

15,000+ views per day

Limit 2 consecutive days

800L Monday - Thursday

1,000L Friday - Sunday

1,000L Holidays

In World

HUD Advertising

Weekly Advertisement

1 of 5 promotions per week

Click-through functionality

Random 5-minute rotation

Limit 1 week per month

2,000L per week

Non Stop

Sidebar Advertising

Monthly Advertisement

High Visibility

Zero maintenance after setup

Loyalty queue

Unlimited information changes

2,500L Small Advertisement

3,500L Large Advertisement

Best Promo

Widget Advertising

3-day Advertisement


Placed above all other ads

15,000+ views per day

500-character description

Includes up to 2 links


For more information about any of our paid promotional packages and to reserve your paid promotional advertising today, please click the magnifying glass.  If you already know which advertising you prefer, please complete our advertising request form found HERE.


Sticky Advertising

Seraphim’s Unique Approach to Advertising

For those special sales and events you want to spotlight, we offer an EXCLUSIVE type of advertising! With the number of events we cover at Seraphim, posts quickly get pushed down the page. On weekends, the mega event you spent weeks organizing could be on page 3 or 4, even though we just posted it yesterday! What to do?! What to do?!

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a solution! For a minimal fee, we will make your post coverage “sticky,” keeping your event featured at the top of front page throughout your rental period. This is a great solution for sales, hunts, and non-recurring events because you can pay only for the days you want to advertise! We only offer two sticky spaces per day, in the order of purchase and publication date. Sticky reservations fill up very fast, especially over weekends and holidays.  Please be sure to apply for sticky advertising as soon as possible.  We recommend advance notice of at least eight to ten weeks.  Don’t hesitate to let us know if this is something you might be interested in.

Note: Posts that wish to be featured as “sticky ads” must still qualify as a “sale or event” to appeal to Seraphim readers.  Sticky advertising is effective at 9:00 AM SLT for the day the advertisement is reserved, and will remain the Seraphim site until 8:59 AM SLT the following day.  Sticky advertising payments are due at the time of reservation.  If payment has not been received within 72 hours from the time of reservation, the advertisement is subject to cancellation.  Sticky advertising may only be retained for events which are open and able to be shopped by Seraphim readers.  Please be certain your reservations are during a period when your event is open.  Seraphim has a no refund policy.

Prices for sticky advertisements:
A sticky advertisement placed on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is 800L per day.

A sticky advertisement placed on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holiday is 1,000L per day.

For every 10 stickies reserved in a single purchase, advertisers will receive 1 sticky for free.  To qualify for this savings package, all eleven (10 purchased and 1 free) stickies must be reserved and purchased at the same time.  They cannot be carried over or accumulated for use at a later time.  Please note, the free advertisement will be redeemed at the lowest value of booked advertising.

Observed Holidays (2017)
New Years Day: January 1, 2017
Canada Day (CAN): July 1, 2017
Independence Day (USA): July 4, 2017
Thanksgiving Day (USA): November 23, 2017
Black Friday: November 24, 2017
Christmas Eve: December 24, 2017
Christmas Day: December 25, 2017
Boxing Day (CAN/EUR): December 26, 2017
New Years Eve: December 31, 2017

Click here to reserve your sticky today!



HUD Advertising

In July 2016, Seraphim introduced an in-world HUD that brings the experience of the website in-world in just a few clicks.  The HUD features up to five advertisements per week (Sunday through Sunday), each appearing randomly in 5-minute intervals.  This means the advertisement will be featured directly on the HUD and will appear in random order.  What’s more, each advertisement has click-through ability so potential customers can teleport directly to your shop, click for your marketplace, or go to your website right from SL!  Because it is randomized, two HUD users are not experiencing the same advertisement at the same moment.  You can maximize the advertising of your event, store, sale or hunt without causing traffic bottlenecks from people clamoring to teleport in when the advertisement pops up on the HUD screen.

Note: HUD advertising information must only contain one image and one URL per weekly ad.  In other words, we won’t change an image every single day of that week.  HUD advertising is effective at 9:00 AM SLT beginning the Sunday the advertisement is reserved, and will remain the Seraphim HUD until 8:59 AM SLT the following Sunday.  HUD advertising payments are due at the time of reservation.  If payment has not been received within 72 hours from the time of reservation, the advertisement is subject to cancellation.  Seraphim has a no refund policy.

For every 5 HUD ads reserved in a single purchase, advertisers will receive 1 HUD ad for 50% off, up to two times per calendar year.  To qualify for this discount, all 6 HUD ads (5 @ full price, 1 @ 50% off) must be reserved and purchased at the same time.  They cannot be carried over or accumulated for use at a later time.

Click here to reserve your HUD ad today!



Sidebar Advertising

Grandfathered Pricing

Effective July 1, 2012, when you rent a sidebar ad with us, your price will “lock in” and will never increase for the duration of your rental! This program applies to all current and new ad space renters!

Note: Lapses in payment resulting in an ad being removed, even if it is renewed at a later time, will not qualify for this program. Such ads will be treated as new with pricing at the current rate at time of repurchase. Any ad space purchased during a sale will lock in at the standard, non-sale price.

Loyalty Program

When you place a new sidebar advertisement with Seraphim, your ad is placed at the bottom of the loyalty queue.  As new advertisers come aboard, your ad will move up the list, affording you better and better exposure.  Also, if an advertiser who has been in the queue above your ad placement needs to leave the queue for any reason, your ad will move up in order.  Lapses in monthly renewal payments could affect your standing in the loyalty queue.  Please note, if an advertisement has been removed for non-payment, you may renew the ad but it will start back at the bottom of the loyalty queue.

File Formats

We can accept PNG, JPEG or animated GIF files sized to either 125 x 125 pixels or 250 x 125 pixels, depending on the size ad you would like.  In addition to placement of your advertising image, we can put a URL behind the image for your shoppers to follow.  The URL you provide may be a link to your marketplace page, your in-world SLurl, or even your own store/event blog!  You may change out your image and/or URL as often as you would like for absolutely no charge.  Changes to your image, URL, or advertising size do not affect your standing in the loyalty queue.

Click here to reserve your sidebar today!



Widget Advertising

If you are looking for the ultimate promotion available on the Seraphim site with the most exposure offered, a widget is exactly what you need.  Widgets give advertisers the unique advantage of being placed at the very top of the sidebar ads, visible to every page visitor..  The image size is 150% larger than any other sidebar image at 300 x 300 px.  These premium ad spaces also receive a short description of the event, sale or brand of up to 500 characters.  Two links are also included in the cost of the advertising to equip shoppers with a SLurl to the event and a link to the Seraphim gallery, allowing shoppers a comprehensive preview of every exclusive item available at your event.  If Seraphim is not providing gallery coverage, you do not lose the opportunity to showcase your items!  A link to the event website or Flickr account can be used in lieu of our coverage gallery.

This is a fantastic solution for large events that want to stand out from the crowd.  Other successful widget promotions have included yardsales, creator/brand promotions, and in-store sales.  We only offer one widget per three-day period.  These fill up quickly throughout the holiday season, so be sure to book your widget early if you are interested in our premium promotional offer.

Click here to reserve your widget today!


What Are the Results?

Avari Carrasco FAR Hunt Group
Our hits jumped from 9K to nearly 30K within a month! Advertising with Seraphim has been one of the best decisions FAR Hunt Group has ever made, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. Thank you, Seraphim! You guys are fantastic!

Fill out our Advertising Request Form and start promoting your great business idea today!

Thank you for considering Seraphim and for your support; we look forward to hearing from you!

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