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Seraphim HUD Ad Sale!

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If you are looking for a way to promote your event or business in-world and you like great deals, now is your chance! We are having a BOGO sale on the Seraphim in-world HUD ads – the perfect opportunity to try them out for the first time, or snag a few more for an amazing price if you’ve tried them out before. Starting June 1st through June 30th you can buy a HUD ad until the end of the year (December 31, 2017) and receive a second ad at no cost, up to six ads.

There are five advertisers per week, rotating through ads at random in five-minute intervals.  Ads come with click-through functionality, helping new shoppers find your in-world presence, marketplace store, or blog/website.  The Seraphim HUD is the perfect advertising choice to reach new customers that are currently in-world and looking to attend new events, discover hidden gems, and hit the hottest sales.

  • in the past six months, the Seraphim HUD has been distributed to approximately 7,937 Second Life users (as of Feb. 20, 2017).
  • advertisers are receiving up to 2,845 unique views of their 256 x 128 advertisements per week.
  • for more information about HUD advertising, please visit our advertising page by clicking HERE.


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Seraphim is at the Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo 2017

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The organizers of the 2017 RFL H&G Expo have included spaces for various SL resources – magazines, larger blogs, etc. I personally look forward every year to exploring the ever-growing event, which stretches over nine (!) sims. We are honored to have been included in this very important and fun event, and we encourage everyone to try and visit as much as your time allows – including Hope 6, which is where we can be found. While you’re there, make sure to click on the image of the free chair to get a landmark to our HQ for a free chair! Exploring, participating, learning, and plenty of shopping, all for a very good cause, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Teleport to Hope 6

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Seraphim Spotlight – Del

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This month for our Seraphim Spotlight, I trapped and caged sat down with Del, the owner of Seraphim, to find out a few things about her that we can use as blackmail material might be of interest to you, as they were for us. Our team came up with some good questions, so without further ado, here is the interview – please click on <Read More>.

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Seraphim Spotlight – Ginger

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In the Seraphim Spotlight for the month of June, I managed to snag our blogger Ginger to ask her a few questions to find out what makes her tick. I’m sharing the answers to those questions with you, all you have to do is click ‘Read More’.

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Seraphim Spotlight – NP Milneaux

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For the month of May, Seraphim Spotlight brings you a Q & A session with NP Milneaux. She is the Public Relations Manager for all the events Seraphim runs or is involved in – like the upcoming event ‘The End’, or one-time events like ‘Cirque de Seraphim’.  Get to know her a little better by clicking ‘Read More’.

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