!ndustry for Nepal

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I think we can all agree that one of the most life-altering benefits of this beautiful world, is the expanded opportunity to help our fellow man. I’ve seen it time and time again throughout my time in Second Life – our community as a whole has such an amazing and generous heart! Well, it’s time to ban together once more, my friends! Spend your day at !ndustry enjoying all of the incredibly talented live performers, as they entertain you while striving to raise funds for donation to the American Red Cross to benefit those effected by the victims of the recent M7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal. Every single one of your Linden dollars can help feed, clothe, or provide much needed medical care.

And now, for the fun stuff! Who will you get to see performing LIVE this Saturday from 11AM – 8:30PM SLT? Currently on the list they have: Sassy Nitely (11:00 AM SLT), Oblee (11:30), Zachh Cale (12:00 PM SLT), Phemie Alcott (12:30), Jase Turtleface (1:00), Cassi Ansar (1:30), DJjessica Teardrop (2:00 & 2:30), Jukebox Diesel (3:00),  DJ Malachi decuir (3:30), Keeba Tammas (4:00), Mark Allan Jensen (4:30),  Acousticenergy Nitely (5:00), Collin Martin (5:30), Oakley Foxtrot (6:00), Red Heaven (6:30), Anidi Huet (7:00), Ashton Andretti (7:30), and Rara Destiny (8:00)!


Teleport to !ndustry for Nepal

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Spread the Love Expo!

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SLGBTA Spread The Love Event 2015 Sign2115Grab your sweetie and take a stroll through The Spread The Love Expo, brought to you by the SLGBTA!   This stunning vineyard location has a dozen adorable secluded locations for you and your Valentine to cozy up, not to mention plenty of shopping all around you!   And what’s better than shopping?  Shopping with purpose!   Every purchase you make makes a donation to the Human Rights Campaign!   So grab that special somebody’s hand and head on down for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift because this event ends February 15th!


Teleport to The Spread The Love Expo

MIA: Ellemeno, Off Your Rocker, Unrepentant


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Leaf on the Wind – Watch How She Soars!

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Cancer. It’s the word none of us ever want to hear, but Scarlet Chandrayaan of Alouette is facing her second battle with this heart wrenching disease. It’s time for our Second Life family to come together to help Scarlet fulfill her life long dream of visiting London, and there are so many ways you can help! The first being a planned trip to the aptly “London” themed Leaf on the Wind event! Incredibly generous designers are donating their hard work, time, and profits, so that you can not only lend a helping hand, but also take home some awesome goods to spruce up your Second Life! Other ways to reach out include donation kiosks, direct donation, and even sending a post card to help lift Scarlet’s spirits. Please take a moment to visit the website for her full story, fund raiser goals, and more details outlining Leaf on the Wind’s mission.


Teleport to Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind Website

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Cirque de Seraphim – ASPCA Donation

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Cirque de Seraphim - Final Toal



The ASPCA has received the donation from Cirque de Seraphim!



Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for all those who contributed to the success of this event! The funds raised will go a long way in helping prevent animal cruelty.

The entire donation process is published on the fundraising page of the Cirque de Seraphim website, and can be accessed by clicking here.
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Cirque de Seraphim final totals!

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Cirque de Seraphim - FinalTotal

Cirque de Seraphim has raised a final total of 702,000 Lindens, or $2,635.92 USD to donate to the ASPCA!

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated, from the decor and set up team, to the generous designers that donated well above and beyond the event requirements, to the blogging team with top-notch event promotion.  Most of all, thank you to the shoppers and Seraphim readers who determined which charity would benefit from this event, and who donated to the cause.

To follow the donation process to the ASPCA, please visit our fundraising page.

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The SLGBTA Halloween Gacha Spooktacular!

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Today we get to shop with cause!  From October 7th to the 21st, come on down to The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular presented by the SLGBTA Alliance of SL!   While enjoying the creepy atmosphere and awesome new releases of the Spooktacular event, feel happy knowing that 50% of the proceeds of each gacha play benefit Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, which supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth by showing them the potential and positivity their lives will reach.  Read more at and kick off your Halloween at the Gacha Spooktacular!


Teleport to The Halloween Gacha Spooktacular

MIA:  Kitty Moon


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A Clockwork Spiral spins in!

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ACS-2014_1024x512_EventFrom September 15th to October 1st, celebrate all things Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Dark Victorian at A Clockwork Spiral!   And what’s better than shopping?  Shopping for a cause!   If you buy something from the special Clockwork Spiral vendors (all of which are featured below), 50-100% of the proceeds benefit the National Kidney Foundation charity!  Many of them are even exclusive to the event, meaning they’ll disappear forever after October 1st!   There is a LOT more than just these vendors hidden in this awe-inspiring gritty Dieselpunk setting however, goodies to be discovered when you visit!  Clear your calendar, you’re going to want to see this!


Teleport to A Clockwork Spiral


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We <3 Ulaa!

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ULAA81114LOGO<3Ulaa is a fundraising event that is running between August 13th and 18th to raise money to help send Ulaa Coronet to visit her terminally ill mother. (Event opened early!) Ulaa has already raised half of the money by herself through gofundme, but she needs help raising at least another $200. That’s where you come in, lovely SL community! Many generous designers have contributed their time and creations to the event, where 50% – 100% of proceeds will go directly to helping Ulaa on her way! So please, take a few minutes to visit and shop for this great cause! We are also including a link to her gofundme page so you may donate directly if you would like – every penny counts!


Teleport to <3Ulaa

Visit gofundme

<3Ulaa Information

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This event offers all things nerd, geeky and gamer style, starting July 6th and ending July 12th. Not only is this a cute themed event but it’s in support of Relay for Life of SL. There will be gacha’s and random riot areas, also games and prizes! This is one event you’re going to need to check out, have a little fun while helping out a great cause!

◕‿◕ Vio

Nerdapalooza Info

Teleport to Nerdapalooza

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We need your vote!

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Relay Wizards Art Auction

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Relay Wizards Art Auction is a week long charity art auction benefiting the Relay For Life charity. All art is original content brought to you by some of SL’s most famous artists. Most of these pieces are starting at only 300L and won’t be found anywhere else! Drop in and take a look at some beautiful art for a beautiful cause!

◕‿◕ Vio

Teleport to the Relay Wizards Art Auction

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Hope for Serbia

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This charity event is raising money for the flood disaster in Serbia. Nearly all sales from the event will be donated to the government of Serbia, donation boxes are located inside this event, where you can be sure your funds will go directly to the cause. Serbia being a very poor country, this disaster has really hit them tremendously. With these donations you could have a hand in helping them get past this horrible situation. Teleport in and do some shopping or just give a donation, we can all come together to help the victims of these floods.

◕‿◕ Vio

Teleport to Hope For Serbia

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