Show Your Support at The Lexi Project!

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It’s time for us to pull together again as a community and support one of our own as she faces her tough battle with cancer. Lexi Zelin, owner and creator of AngelRED Couture, has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. With all that cancer treatment entails, the last thing her family needs to stress over is mounting medical bills and expenses. This is where we come in! Over 300 generous designers and creators have come together at The Lexi Project, with 100% of all proceeds going straight to Lexi between now and August 9th. While you’re shopping for the cause, you’ll also be treated to an array of live performances! If you would like to catch up on the schedule of events or make a direct donation, just follow the links below!

Teleport to The Lexi Project

The Lexi Project Facebook

Lexi’s Gofundme

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Grow Your Hair Out for Hair Fair 2015!

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HAIRFAIR2015Hair Fair 2015 is finally here, and it’s time to remove a few inches for charity! Until July 26th, you can shop these amazing exclusives and a portion of all proceeds will be donated towards Wigs for Kids! There is a lot to choose from and four sim to enjoy during this year’s festivities. So hurry up!

Maddie, Indigo, Nivaya

Teleport to Blonde

Teleport to Brunette

Teleport to ReadHead

Teleport to Noirette


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Calling all Nerds to Nerdapalooza!

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Are you ready for nerdy, geeky fun? All while supporting a fantastic cause? Well, make sure you visit Nerdapalooza presented by Nerds for Cures, to benefit Relay for Life! There’s plenty of merchandise, gachas, games, and prizes in store for you between now and July 11th. So head over soon to shop and nerd-out for the cause!


Teleport to Nerdapalooza

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!ndustry for Nepal

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I think we can all agree that one of the most life-altering benefits of this beautiful world, is the expanded opportunity to help our fellow man. I’ve seen it time and time again throughout my time in Second Life – our community as a whole has such an amazing and generous heart! Well, it’s time to ban together once more, my friends! Spend your day at !ndustry enjoying all of the incredibly talented live performers, as they entertain you while striving to raise funds for donation to the American Red Cross to benefit those effected by the victims of the recent M7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal. Every single one of your Linden dollars can help feed, clothe, or provide much needed medical care.

And now, for the fun stuff! Who will you get to see performing LIVE this Saturday from 11AM – 8:30PM SLT? Currently on the list they have: Sassy Nitely (11:00 AM SLT), Oblee (11:30), Zachh Cale (12:00 PM SLT), Phemie Alcott (12:30), Jase Turtleface (1:00), Cassi Ansar (1:30), DJjessica Teardrop (2:00 & 2:30), Jukebox Diesel (3:00),  DJ Malachi decuir (3:30), Keeba Tammas (4:00), Mark Allan Jensen (4:30),  Acousticenergy Nitely (5:00), Collin Martin (5:30), Oakley Foxtrot (6:00), Red Heaven (6:30), Anidi Huet (7:00), Ashton Andretti (7:30), and Rara Destiny (8:00)!


Teleport to !ndustry for Nepal

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