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Make Some Noise for Fashion Fair 2015!

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Fashion Fair 2015

From February 1st until the 28th get your shop on at the Fashion Fair 2015!   100 of the grid’s most popular designers have gotten together in one place with mindboggling exclusives that you will not, you CAN not miss out on!   Hot fashion, tons of designers, new releases and more?  Time for you to do a little twirl and strut down the catwalk to Fashion Fair!

Del & Eden

Teleport to Fashion Fair 2015

MIA: 1 Hundred, Tony, Insanya


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Get naughty at Burlesque!

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It’s showtime finally! Come enjoy the luscious atmosphere of this one-of-a-kind event! These designers have worked hard to add some spice to your SLife.  Sexy shoes? Checked! Steamy poses? Got it! Naughty lingerie? You name it! Everything you need for a spectacular night is here. Make sure you teleport to Burlesque before the event ends, on the 15th of February!

Connie, Tara and Ambreh

Teleport to Burlesque

MIA: Insanya, JesyDream, Indyra, Sweet Thing.


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It’s Time for Another Sneak Peek!

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.PENUMBRA. has brought to you another fashion forward round of Sneak Peek! Until February 5th, all of the amazing designers listed on the logo above are showcasing some of their finest new releases and exclusives for you. After your visit, you’re sure to be turning heads and the envy of all your friends!


Teleport to Sneak Peek

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Sex Sells Gacha Fair : Nerdy Valentine

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Well, if the name alone of this awesome event isn’t enough to catch your attention, I don’t know what will! Grab your significant other tenderly by the hand, and then drag them as fast as you can to the Sex Sells Gacha Fair! This Valentine’s Day is all about the nerdy love, and what better way to celebrate the day of the heart together than a trip to share in the oh-so addictive dance of gacha machine smacking? None that I can think of, that’s for sure! The fair ends February 13th, so get your love and get there soon!

Teleport to the Sex Sells Gacha Fair

Sex Sells Gacha Blog

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The Dreamer’s Factory Presents: The Winter Wonderland!

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TheWinterWonderland1232015You haven’t been able to fully appreciate this winter season until you’ve seen The Winter Wonderland!   The Dreamer’s Factory has put together the most astounding magical setting just for you!  Shop in a dreamy wonderland from January 20th until February 10th, don’t miss this mini experience!


Teleport to The Winter Wonderland

MIA: Hideki


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TREND3 is now open!

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TREND3 is now open, bringing together 32 of Second Life’s best male and female designers for a two week fair.  Each designer is required to make some new styles based on three of this season’s top trends – knitted nuance, that’s so 60’s and feminine fantasy.  The event opened today at noon and runs through February 6. Grab those wallets and head on over for some fantastic new designs that are sure to please!


Teleport to TREND3

MIA: Offbeat, Soonsiki


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The First Thaw Market Fair!

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E&D Engineering/Primmersive is looking ahead to spring with the First Thaw – Full Permission Market Fair! Starting today and running through until February 15th, over two dozen creators will be showcasing their spring and Valentines Day themed designs. They have brought tons of amazing full permission textures, mesh, sculpts, and animations for you to browse through while you’re planning your next big project! Happy defrosting!


Teleport to First Thaw – Full Permission Market Fair



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Ring in a Limited Edition New Year with Project Limited!

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Project Limited Jan 2015It’s finally time for a brand new Project Limited! Fifty of your all time favorite designers have come together with brand new, limited, items! From now until January 29th, all these limited items will be available, so get here now! Once they are gone, they will not be sold, EVAR again!

Maddie ♥ Lisa

MIA: The Forge

Teleport to Project Limited


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Do You Need a Timekiller?

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slGoth Magazine presents a New Year celebration, Timekiller! Designers have brought some great “time” inspired gothic and dark alternative exclusives to showcase for you, with many of them holding steep discounts. There will also be plenty of entertainment through out the event, so keep checking back so you don’t miss out on any of the great performances! The fun ends January 18th at midnight, so go kill a little time while picking up some great new looks!


Teleport to Timekiller

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Leaf on the Wind – Watch How She Soars!

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Cancer. It’s the word none of us ever want to hear, but Scarlet Chandrayaan of Alouette is facing her second battle with this heart wrenching disease. It’s time for our Second Life family to come together to help Scarlet fulfill her life long dream of visiting London, and there are so many ways you can help! The first being a planned trip to the aptly “London” themed Leaf on the Wind event! Incredibly generous designers are donating their hard work, time, and profits, so that you can not only lend a helping hand, but also take home some awesome goods to spruce up your Second Life! Other ways to reach out include donation kiosks, direct donation, and even sending a post card to help lift Scarlet’s spirits. Please take a moment to visit the website for her full story, fund raiser goals, and more details outlining Leaf on the Wind’s mission.


Teleport to Leaf on the Wind

Leaf on the Wind Website

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Are You Ready For a SNEAK PEEK?

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PENUMBRA’s newest event, SNEAK PEEK, has returned for another fabulous round of high fashion exclusives! Be the first of your friends to sample the upcoming trends ready to sweep the second world. You’ll want to get there soon, as your chance to get a glimpse into the future will end January 5th!


Teleport to SNEAK PEEK

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A Very Chilly Four Seasons Market!

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It’s been cold here for weeks already, so it’s hard to believe that we have only just officially turned the corner into Winter! If you’re ready to celebrate and indulge in the beautiful white landscapes, icy activities, and then everything to get you toasty warm once you’ve returned inside; then you’re ready for this round of Four Seasons Market!  The designers are bringing you gorgeous creations in a wintery pallet of whites, greys, blues, and purples with prices never topping 150L. So bundle up! Grab your mittens and the fluffiest scarf you can find then make your way to Four Seasons Market before it wraps up January 4th!


Teleport to Four Seasons Market

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