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Geeks’N’Nerds is Finally Here!

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GeeksnnerdsIt’s finally time for everyone’s favoritely themed event, Geeks’N’Nerds! Some of Second Life’s best geekiest and nerdiest designers are back, again, with brand new exclusives to fill your nerdist dreams! You only have until December 10th to get all these goodies, so stop waiting! Get here right now!

♥ Maddie, Ambreh, Callie ♥

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Preview: The Gift Wrapped Winters Faire is coming in a few hours!

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The Gift Wrapped winter Faire Logo


JS Events are very proud to present The Gift Wrapped Winters Faire featuring decoration, clothing and shoes to help you through the holiday period. With some awesome gachas also here as well, you will definitely want to stock up on some awesome goodies. This event will open at 12pm today and  only be here until the 6th of December 2014, so definitely make sure you stop by to come check this out!

Rosalyn <3

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A brand new kids gacha event is in the works!! The Playroom’s grand opening will be on January 5th, 2015 at 12pm slt! This monthly event will take place the fifth of every month and will only be about playing those pesky, addictive gacha machines. There will be 15 dedicated, permanent designers and up to 5 different guest designers to bring you the very best in their products and creation ideas.

What is it that makes us different than any other kid event?

-Besides fulfilling your craving for collections from gacha machines and the attention for trading, we are striving to provide an organized and  fun event with items for our toddleedoos and big kids. The Playroom will never have themed rounds, however we will provide suggestions through the year that could cater to the season. We want our designers to have free reign on their creations and provide whatever it is that might flourish for them.

Be on the look out for more information as January 5th approaches!

Nevalyn Looming – Seraphim Kids Manager/The Playroom Event Coordinator

Interested in being a guest designer for The Playroom? Click Here. 

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Gorean Gacha is Here!

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goreanAll you gorean ladies and gents out there prepare yourselves, because Gorean Gacha is here! This event features gorean themed items from accessories to furniture. Everything you could possibly want for only 25L-100L a play. Make sure to stop by before December 15, because this fantastic event will be gone! Happy shopping.

☺Ambreh Lynn

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Get Dressed with Cosplay!

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It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for – the doors on CosplaySL have busted wide open! The incredibly talented creators have pulled together to supply you with everything you need to perfectly pull off your next cosplay; the perfect costumes, the perfect accessories, the perfect skins, the perfect hair! Whether you’re into anime, manga, comics, video games, or are just ready to find some great new looks to dress in, Cosplay has you covered. This convention ends November 30th at midnight, so there’s no time to lose!


Teleport to CosplaySL

CosplaySL Flickr

CosplaySL Blog

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MESHiON Full Perm Event!

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MESHiON is a new bi-annual event, bursting at the seams with full permission creations! Keep an eye out for all of the exclusives – everything from apparel to furniture and home decor, MESHiON is prepared to inspire your new designs! What are you waiting for? The event ends November 30th, so plan your visit today and get those creative juices flowing!


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Free Bird Presents: Down the Rabbit Hole!

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Oh no!  You’ve take a wrong turn at a big, twisted oak tree, tripped over a fallen log, and the next thing you know – OOPS! You’ve fallen down a rabbit hole, and boy, things sure are curious down there! Wander through The Wonderland Forest, The Tea Party, and The Queen’s Rose Garden in search of the rabbit’s three pocket watches; then peek inside and see which Wonderland themed collectible gacha item you will receive! Until November 17th, the watches will reset daily at both 8:30 AM SLT and 8:30 PM SLT with brand new items from [free bird], .ginchi., Frogstar and Unrepentant. Visit their blog for all of the details about this fun Alice in Wonderland Themed scavenger hunt!


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[free bird] Blog


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Seraphim Presents : Cirque de Seraphim!

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Cirque de Seraphim - SponsorsV2Ladies and Gentlemen, and children of all ages, the moment you have all been waiting for is finally here! Cirque de Seraphim has finally arrived under the big top, and is here to represent one of the most heart catching charities, the ASPCA. A portion of all sales from exclusives will be donated to the ASPCA, and there are two full sims are some of the best designers with amazing items to celebrate this circus celebration! Get here now and enjoy the show from November 6, 2014 t0 November 26, 2014!

Maddie, Callie, Nevy

Teleport to Cirque de Seraphim Sim 1

Teleport to Cirque de Seraphim Sim 2

MIA: Thirteen, Ploom, Osito, Meshed Up, Essences, Eclectic Stars, Barely Legal Couture


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Xiasumi School Festival!

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With the holidays quickly approaching we wanted to take you back… back to the beginning of the school year! Pick up your books, grab your uniforms, make your hair up and call up your best friend, SCHOOL is in session! Xiasumi School Festival is the first of 2014 to shine through with all you’ll need in going back to classes. The best designers from around the grid have united in providing their very best work for you, but what’s more special about their dedication is that donations are being taken up for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief! This charity dedicates their resources, time, and money to provide everything they can for the children of missing families, homes, and loved ones. Let’s come together to provide what we can for those in need whether this is your home or a place from across the globe. One month of shopping fun with your family and friends, November 3rd to the 30th! Happy Shopping!

Nevy, Maddie, and Ambreh ♥

MIA: Snips&Snails, Monso, Pure Poison, Esque, Breno, Cheeky Pea, BCC, Benjamiz, Xin, Okia, Kalopsia, Floorplan

Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief

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Sad November is finally here!

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SNLOGOWith the start of November it is also the start of a amazing special event called Sad November. This event features some of SL’s best designers who have come together to bring their exclusives for the ladies and the fellas so there is something for everyone here. While this event is open now, it will only be here until November 22nd at 7 am so you really have to make sure you get down here.

Rosalyn and Nevy <3

Teleport to Sad November

MIA: Azoury, Blah, Candydoll, DAPPA, Diesel Works, Fishy Strawberry, Forever Young, INDYRA, MOON, OBSCURE, PEPE, PINKACID, Rama, RAZOR, ZOOM


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Introducing SNEAK PEEK!

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We are thrilled to introduce to you PENUMBRA’s newest monthly fashion event, SNEAK PEEK! On the 25th of each month, hand picked elite designers are presenting exclusive creations to outline and highlight the future of fashion in Second Life. Until November 5th, you have the opportunity to have a front row seat to the sophisticated, luxurious, and yet affordable upcoming trends and fashions that will be sweeping the grid. Don’t miss your very first chance for an exclusive sneak peek!


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Free Bird Presents The Haunting of Port Blackpool

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[ free bird ] Haunting of Port Blackpool Trick or Treat

Welcome to Port Blackpool, a seemingly abandoned town…or is it? Meander down the old dusty path knocking on each door you find with skull and cross bones on them, in search of the last handful of ghostly inhabitants. Once they present themselves to you, scream Trick or Treat! at the top of your lungs, and hope they only have treats, and no tricks, for you! The doors act as gacha machines, and can only be knocked on once in a 24 hour period, resetting at 9PM SLT daily. There are over 45 [free bird] items to collect so make sure you keep coming back to visit this creepy little town from now until October 31st! And remember to explore the entire area, as you will also find Halloween releases from Frogstar, .ginchi., and Thirteen to help spruce up your holiday!


Teleport to [free bird]

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