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Old Europe Village’s Summer Market Fair & StarFish Hunt

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summerfairOld Europe4thposter



Visit The Summer Market Fair & StarFish Hunt to see all the great fashion gifts inside and to collect starfish.  Take a ride on the starfish ferris wheel above village square beach, or grab your friends and loved ones and dance in the Ocean Pier Cafe.  You can even make pottery in 33 different styles, which is yours to keep FREE!  As if that wasn’t enough, you may also rez and fly World War I airplanes, and dog fight with great sounds and visual effects.  Now through August 10th, you can experience the thrills and chills of Old Europe Village’s Summer Market Fair and StarFish Hunt, and while you’re there you can get a little shopping done too!
Have fun!!  Del
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Cirque de Seraphim update: Sponsors are Announced!

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As soon as Cirque de Seraphim was announced, we were met with a huge and somewhat overwhelming response!  Immediately we saw that our original plan for 10 sponsors was inadequate for an event this size.  We are thrilled that a charity event such as Cirque de Seraphim has grown from what we envisioned to a multi-sim event with some of the best and brightest creators across the grid.

Due to the immediate response, we have been able to pick our sponsors a bit early and are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce them!  A huge thank you to Atomic, BoOgErS Cae, Collage, Consignment, Coquet, David Heather, Double Take, [fetch], Frogstar, Fuubutsu Dou, geek., Hopscotch, junk, Lark, MadPea, Mango Cheeks, .mien poses., MOON, Pink Sugah, RACK Poses, SexZ, tarte, and [trs].


Cirque de Seraphim - Sponsors

Please do not worry if you have not yet heard back from us.  Designer applications are not due until July 31, 2014 and we still have a lot to review.  Check the Cirque de Seraphim website (HERE) August 5, 2014 for the final list of designers to accompany our amazing sponsors.

If you have not yet applied, the deadline is fast approaching!  Click HERE to access the Terms & Conditions, and HERE to submit your application as a Cirque de Seraphim designer.

Enjoy your weekend!


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It’s time to show you Where the Wild Things are!

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logoIntroducing an amazing new event, Where the Wild Things are to the Second Life shopping world. Based on the very popular book by Maurice Sendak, this event starts now and ends August 10th. This new shopping extravaganza features some of SL’s favourite designers and some extra special freebies exclusive to Where the Wild Things are. Make sure you grab your critters and creatures and even the husband/wife and kids and come on down to have a look! And in the words of Max, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to Where the Wild Things Are!



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Introducing The Dreamer’s Factory!

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Dreamers Factory

I am so excited to be introducing to you the very first round of The Dreamer’s Factory! Everything about this event is sweet, soft, and absolutely whimsical. From the moment you step on the SIM and lay down for your long nap, there is something to look at and experience. All of the creators have made some truly amazing things for you, and there are even many Gachas for the fanatic in us all! You can really tell a lot of people put a lot of love into this event, and I for one am looking forward to many more rounds to come! So don’t just stand around day dreaming, grab the teleport below and get yourself over to The Dreamer’s Factory! This round ends August 22nd, so don’t miss out!


Teleport to The Dreamer’s Factory


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ORIMECRE Gatcha Summer 2014

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orimecre gacha event summer 2014

Are you as addicted to gachas as I am? Could you just stand for hours hitting that machine over and over until you get that one rare you’ve been drooling over? Well, ORIMECRE Gatcha Summer 2014 has begun, and it’s ALL about the original mesh creations! Everything from the build it’s located in, to the gacha machines, and of course, the great items up for grabs! This event will be running between July 21st to August 24th, and items are priced 50L/75L/100L/150L/200L/250L per try. See you there!


Teleport to ORIMECRE Gatcha

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Say Bonjour to L’amitie Summer Market

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l'amitie Summer Market copyThrow on your beret and head over one of the best events to hit the grid this summer.  Beat the heat with some of the best content creators in Second Life as they present items specially designed specifically for L’amitie Summer Market!  Grab your friends, and your wallet, and head over to pick up the incredible items before August 2nd.  I’ll see you there!


Teleport to L’amitie Summer Market

MIA: Blacklace Beauty, Positure


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Are you ready for ROMP?

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It’s the hot, sticky days of summer, when temperatures rise and desire reaches an all time high.  What better time for a ROMP?  Some of the best and brightest designers on the grid have gathered in one location to celebrate the elegant side of kink from now until July 30th.  If you’re feeling the heat, this is definitely an event you do not want to miss.  You wouldn’t want a spanking, would you?


Teleport to ROMP

MIA: Elysion Adult Lounge, Junbug, Pure Poison, Wimey


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Cirque de Seraphim

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Seraphim is thrilled to announce an exciting, upcoming sales event to benefit a charity chosen by you – our loyal readers!  

Cirque de Seraphim - Come On Poster

A few weeks ago, we asked your opinion on your favorite charity.  We received hundreds of responses from children’s charities to charities for specific disorders and diseases.  Overwhelmingly, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was the chosen favorite!  This worthy cause will receive a portion of all proceeds from exclusively designed items participating in Cirque de Seraphim.  The Circus-themed event will open its doors on November 6, 2014, and the planning stages have already begun!

Learn more by checking out the Cirque de Seraphim website!

If you are interested in participating in Cirque de Seraphim, please read the Terms & Conditions found on the Cirque de Seraphim website before filling out the form.


Bloggers, please check back! Blogger applications will be coming soon!


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Hair Fair is Finally Back for a Brand New Year!

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Hair Fair 2014 Logo with datesIt’s finally that time of the year once again for one of the biggest charity events on the grid! Hair Fair 2014 is here at last and with our favorite hair creators from across our grid! From now, until July 27th, come and help donate to Wigs for Kids as your shop over the vast four sims that is called ‘Hair Fair 2014′!

Maddie, Callie, Freya, Violett

Teleport to Blonde Sim Landing Point

Teleport to Brunette Sim Landing Point

Teleport to Noirette Sim Landing Point

Teleport to Redhead Sim Landing Point

MIA: Lockheart


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Project Limited is Back!

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Everyone’s favorite limited fair event is back: Project Limited! All exclusives for this event have only a limited amount that will be sold during this event, so make sure you get here before it’s absolutely too late, this can all be gone within the next day or so; don’t miss out!

Maddie and Callie

Teleport to Project Limited


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This event offers all things nerd, geeky and gamer style, starting July 6th and ending July 12th. Not only is this a cute themed event but it’s in support of Relay for Life of SL. There will be gacha’s and random riot areas, also games and prizes! This is one event you’re going to need to check out, have a little fun while helping out a great cause!

◕‿◕ Vio

Nerdapalooza Info

Teleport to Nerdapalooza

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Philomenaville Gacha Fair

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The Philomenaville Gacha Fair begins July 4th and ends August 1st at the Philomenaville Penny Arcade. All merchants participating in this fun fair have stocked their gacha machines with patriotic themed items! Come and take a stroll around the American mid-western decorated town while checking out the offerings of such a creative event.

◕‿◕ Vio

Teleport to the Philomenaville Gacha Fair

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