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Creepy Cutie Carnival!

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It’s Creepy Cutie Carnival time! Meaning there is tons of stuff at this adorable event that is creepy and cute at the same time which is my favorite way to dress and I’m sure tons of others as well! So get on over here before Halloween to stock up on some cute costumes or outfits! See you there!


Teleport to Creepy Cutie Carnival


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Halloween Hellraiser for Mental Health America

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Halloween Hellraiser for Mental Health America is great chance to show your support for those who suffer from one or more of a vast variety of mental health issues. This is another one that always hits close to home, as every single one of us will be effected in some way at some point in our lives, be it personally or watching a loved one struggle with their own battle. For two days everyone can not only shop for the cause, but attend several live DJ shows in a safe and friendly environment! 16 amazing designers have created creepy Halloween exclusives just for this event, and 50% of every sale will go directly to Mental Health America! The event runs just October 18th and 19th, so make sure you pencil in plenty of time this weekend to come mingle and get in some quality shopping time!


Teleport to Halloween Hellraiser

Mental Health America’s Website


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It’s a Scarefest at Bloody Horror Fair!

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The Bloody Horror Fair is officially open and it’s super creepy and super cute at the same time with tons of designers making macabre creations! There are designs for both men and women at this fair so definitely drag your man friends along to this spooky event. However this event only lasts until the 5th of November so you better get moving before time runs out…or else!

Callie & Rosalyn

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Time to Trunk and Treat for Halloween!

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Trunk or Treat has started now and is a bit of fun for both the kids and the kid in you. Filled with some exclusives as well as some awesome freebies and goodies, you are bound to find something to put in your shopping bag. Whether it be decoration or clothing, you can come on down and celebrate Halloween early with this fantastic event. This event started at midnight and will be closing on November 5th at midnight so make sure you come check it out!

Rosalyn <3

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Indulge Yourself with Tales of Fantasy!

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Tales of Fantasy LOGO

Time to get your mystical on at the Tales of Fantasy event! A new round has just opened up with the “Woodland Creatures” theme. you can find everything from tattoos to jewelry to outfits and even decor. Come get your fantastical dreams fulfilled at this spectacular event. There are plenty of stalls and items to match anyone’s desires. This event runs from October 13th through November 3rd, so don’t miss it and happy shopping.

☺ Ambreh Lynn

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Cure-Con Festival 2014

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Cure-Con Festival 2014 presents a nerdy, geeky and gamer themed event to benefit the American Cancer Society. Many, many designers have come together to provide a special, exclusive product that fits the festival’s theme and has them set so that all its proceeds goes directly to the amazing cause. The month of October is all about saving our tata’s and breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women all over the world. Let’s come together to provide the very best of what we have has one unit in giving whatever it is you can towards our all women who are or has battled this ugly disease.  **On Friday, October 17th, 2014 from 6-8pm SLT join us all in celebration and connections with a live DJ and a silent auction from StrayCats Breedables (a one of a kind kitty made exclusively for Cure-Con)! Through out the festival you’ll find games, freebies, and a photo studio! Bring your friends and your loved ones and let’s make strides toward a world with more birthdays! This event will run from October 12th to October 18th. See you there!

Nevy ♥

Teleport to Cure-Con Festival 2014

MIA: Tori-Tastic, Leh’s Treasures, Geek, Heartistic


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Have a Killer Time at The Beauty Pageant!

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The Beauty Pageant is open and it’s not your typical one! There’s tons of blood and horror related beauty pageant type stuffs for everyone near Halloween! So you can be scary and pretty at the same time and who doesn’t love that? So get your beautiful behinds on down here before it closes on November 1st!


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The Vintage and Cool Fair is Too Hot!

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Vintage and Cool Fair 10102014

From October 10th to the 24th, shake a tail-feather and head down to the Vintage and Cool Fair!   Style is never out of fashion, and these designers have plenty of exclusives from a dozen eras that’ll make you gawk!    From outfits, dresses, shoes, skins, makeup and more; this fair has it all!  Come on over!

Callie, Nevy and Eden

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Mystic Realms Faire is open now!

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The Mystic Realms Faire is a brand new massive yearly Second Life Event which brings to us 140-plus of SL’s best designers in one place. The event opens today at 12pm and will be open until the 26th 12pm only. A lot of the creators have some amazing exclusives that may not be seen again after it closes so make sure you head on down and have a look. This event is so big, it is truly one you have to see and experience. Make sure you bring your biggest shopping bags with you and your husband or wifey to help you carry some of the amazing things you can stock up on here. Happy shopping!

Rosalyn, Del, Maddie, Ambreh and Sprinkle <3

Teleport to Mystic Realms Faire

MIA: Essences, Death Row Designs, Geek, Kalopsia, Orion, Sojher Designs, Tableau Vivant


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It’s Time for the 2014 Body Modification Expo!

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Body Mod Expo 2014The 2014 Body Modification Expo is finally here! Your favorite designers have gathered again with brand new exclusives to make your avatar look, not only amazing, but FANTASTICLE! Hurry up and get here now, you only have until October 31 to get everything!

Maddie, Eden, and Tara

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L&K Sales Room has Opened it’s Doors!

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Who doesn’t absolutely LOVE a brand new sales event? L&K Sales Room is bringing together some of your favorite Second Life designers to offer you a few of their best pieces at huge discounts! Don’t forget to stop by the row of gacha machines and pick up your free gifts on your way in! This event runs until November 8th, just a little bit before midnight, so grab your taxi below and go visit before this round is over.


Teleport to L&K Sales Room

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RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy

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RMK Gothic presents you their newest game, The Magical Academy! Be challenged by six ghosts to really hone in your magic skills, and climb your way to the top of the class! After you’ve gotten your education, head over to the Halloween Market and The Dream Gacha for tons of enchanting shopping filled with of spellbinding exclusives brewed up especially for RMK Halloween. Class ends October 31st, so visit their blog for all of the information about this bewitching full SIM event!


RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy Blog

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