One of a Kind!

Creepy Cutie Carnival!

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It’s Creepy Cutie Carnival time! Meaning there is tons of stuff at this adorable event that is creepy and cute at the same time which is my favorite way to dress and I’m sure tons of others as well! So get on over here before Halloween to stock up on some cute costumes or outfits! See you there!


Teleport to Creepy Cutie Carnival


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It’s a Scarefest at Bloody Horror Fair!

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The Bloody Horror Fair is officially open and it’s super creepy and super cute at the same time with tons of designers making macabre creations! There are designs for both men and women at this fair so definitely drag your man friends along to this spooky event. However this event only lasts until the 5th of November so you better get moving before time runs out…or else!

Callie & Rosalyn

Teleport to Bloody Horror Fair


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Have a Killer Time at The Beauty Pageant!

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The Beauty Pageant is open and it’s not your typical one! There’s tons of blood and horror related beauty pageant type stuffs for everyone near Halloween! So you can be scary and pretty at the same time and who doesn’t love that? So get your beautiful behinds on down here before it closes on November 1st!


Teleport to The Beauty Pageant


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Ice Bucket Challenge Fair!

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely global with people from all over the world donating to research about ALS. It was about time Second Life got involved in this amazing cause and what better way than a fair?! So far SL has raised about 39,000 lindens for the ALS Association which is pretty incredible. There are a ton of fantasy designers and creators at this fair that have made some really fantastic creations. Every designer has atleast 2 ALS Association vendors where when you buy from them all of the money goes towards the ALS Association plus other products as well. This event will last until October 10th so come bring all of your friends and family to donate to the ALS Association and of course, buy adorable things while doing so!


Teleport to Ice Bucket Challenge Fair

More Info About ALS Association


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Now Accepting Applications!

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Want To Be a Blogger?
Are you up to the challenge of delivering interesting and lively coverage of the latest sales and events in Second Life? Are you dedicated, motivated, and reliable? Have you always wanted to apply to Seraphim, but have just been too shy?

Seraphim is looking for passionate and enthusiastic people to join our dedicated team of bloggers. It is your chance to spread the word on all the happenings around the grid. Sales to hunts. Festivals to fairs. Seraphim has it covered. The only thing we are missing is you!

Little or no experience? No problem! We welcome highly motivated team members from all genres, and at all levels of experience, to join our growing team. Apply now to become the newest member of our dynamic team!


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Getting your updated event information to us just got easier!

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We’d like to introduce you to a new function on our Seraphim sites, the Information Portal. The portal may be used by event coordinators and managers to ensure information is accurate and to check on coverage for their events. Seraphim readers may click on the event name to be taken directly to that event’s Seraphim page, and may also check the date and time of scheduled event openings. Further, anyone can click the event website to keep up to date with the most current event-specific information, and apply for opportunities to design and/or blog for the event.

Changes to event(s) can now be requested by event coordinators and managers with one easy to use online form.  This will make it much easier for you to inform us of any change in information, and it will enable us to provide correct information – in short, it will save time.  After you fill out the form, we will receive an event change request, which will be updated within 72 hours, to be reflected the next time we blog your event(s).

A spreadsheet of the recurring events we cover can be found by going to our websites (both Seraphim and Seraphim Kids) and clicking on “Information Portal” in the menu tabs. Check it out now by clicking HERE.


We have worked hard to assemble the information found on this portal, however if you find an error we would like to fix it as soon as possible!  Please let us know by filling out the Event Change Request Form found HERE.  A preview of the form is shown here:


Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this new feature!

Heidi Halberstadt


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The ALL NEW Seraphim HQ!

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If you have looked for us in-world over the past few weeks, you may have noticed we were missing! But never fear, we were simply under construction on our new Seraphim HQ on lovely Cortega Bay. Stop by anytime to check out information about our recurring events, to meet the Seraphim team, or just to hang out and enjoy the scenery. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Seraphim Team

Teleport to Seraphim HQ

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50L SALE – EVERYTHING in +DV8+ and Dare Designs!

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DV8 clearance_001Sadly for Second Life +DV8+ and Dare Designs are closing their doors but before the sim changes hands they are having a sale to celebrate many years of hard work. Everything will be 50L or less and this sale will only go on until the sim closes which can be any day now! Make sure you rush down here now so you don’t miss out and celebrate the end of an era with some of SL designers that will be missed.

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to +DV8+ and Dare Designs

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We need your vote!

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Join our growing team!

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Apply Now!



Join our team of incredible bloggers as we dash across the grid to cover all the hottest sales events, fairs, hunts, and more!


No experience?  No problem!  We have a comprehensive training program that is the key to any individual’s success, whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or just starting out.

If you would like an inside perspective on what it is like to work for Seraphim, feel free to contact anyone on our team by accessing our Meet the Team page.

The first step to joining our dynamic Seraphim family is just a click away.
We can’t wait to hear from you!


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Introducing Seraphim Kids

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We would like to introduce you to your new one-stop blog featuring Second Life’s sales and events…just for kids!

We understand that Second Life has a vibrant and growing family community, and that often times sales and events for kids and families can be overshadowed by the copious amount of adult-oriented events on the grid.  With this in mind, we created a Seraphim site built specifically for the family community.

Our goal at Seraphim Kids is to provide you the same exceptional and unbiased event coverage you have come to expect from our team of experienced and well-informed bloggers.  With our family-friendly orientation on Seraphim Kids, you can quickly and easily access the events, hunts, sales, and fairs that are pertinent to you without having to sort through extensive lists, or scroll back several pages.

Over the next several weeks, you will see events featured on Seraphim Kids as they are covered by our blogging team.  We will continue to provide links to events here as well to aid in the transition.  We do encourage you to explore the site and grab a bookmark, and as always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

We greatly appreciate your continued support,

Your Seraphim & Seraphim Kids Team


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Thank you!

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Seraphim TY

About a month ago, Seraphim made a hosting transition which took us offline for a couple of days.  Some large errors in the site were discovered during the transition, but our technical support team worked very diligently to bring Seraphim back online as soon as possible.  Some quick fixes to issues were made in order to be able to service you, our loyal shoppers, designers and event coordinators.  

We thank you so much for your help over the past few weeks to identify lingering issues arising from the transition.  With help from many of you, we have been able to continue to work through the site issues and in recent days have been able to find resolution in the last of our “low hanging fruit.”  The entire Seraphim team has been testing, retesting, and retesting again so we can continue to provide you with the most seamless experience possible.

At this time, we are confident that the vast majority of the technical issues have been resolved.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your assistance, your guidance, and (most of all) your continued loyalty.  Seraphim would not be Second Life’s premier sales and events blog if it weren’t for you.

If you continue to encounter any oddities on the site, we would appreciate it if you would e-mail us using the following address:  

Thank you,

Your Seraphim Team

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