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Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar!

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Cosmopolitan is excited for the upcoming holidays, so in anticipation of Christmas they are presenting their group members with a very special Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar! Each day between now and Christmas Eve, they will place new free gifts under their tree for you. Not a member? No problem! This is the perfect time to join because membership is completely free! Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your friend’s neighbors! Get the whole gang down there and get yourselves into the Christmas spirit!


Teleport to Cosmopolitan Advent Calendar

Cosmopolitan Blog

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Visit the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar!

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If you’re a KittyCatS! fan like myself, you’re going to love the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar! There’s just so much going on during this event, that it will keep you busy as we roll right into the New Year! Each day, one of the fabulous participating designers will offer you an absolutely free gift at the main KittyCatS! SIM, the KittyCatS! Winterland SIM, or other locations. Once the gift is unveiled, it will stay available until it ends on January 5th, 2015. And as a special bonus, the KittyCatS! creators themselves will occasionally offer amazing gifts to you as well, ending the final day with a special limited-edition kitty! So grab a few friends and head on over for this special outing!


Teleport to KittyCatS! Winterland SIM

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Congratulations, Bethany!

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What are you Thankful For - Winner

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Cirque de Seraphim final totals!

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Cirque de Seraphim - FinalTotal

Cirque de Seraphim has raised a final total of 702,000 Lindens, or $2,635.92 USD to donate to the ASPCA!

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated, from the decor and set up team, to the generous designers that donated well above and beyond the event requirements, to the blogging team with top-notch event promotion.  Most of all, thank you to the shoppers and Seraphim readers who determined which charity would benefit from this event, and who donated to the cause.

To follow the donation process to the ASPCA, please visit our fundraising page.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Seraphim

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HappyThanksgiving!LoveSeraphimFrom left to right: Del, Ambreh, Violett, Connie, Tara, Nevy, Rosalyn, Heidi, Maddie & Callie


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your loyalty and confidence.  Through your contributions, you have made Seraphim the premier sales and events blog in Second Life since 2011!  We are deeply grateful and wish you all a Thanksgiving full of cherished memories and happy moments.


Your Seraphim Team,
Ambreh, Connie, Eden, Heidi, Maddie, Nevy, Nick, Rosalie, Rosalyn, Sprinkle, Tara, Violett, and Del


Please note, While we always strive to bring you the most up to date and pertinent information on sales and events from across the grid,the majority of the Seraphim team is celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday.  We appreciate your patience through the weekend as we come back together after time away, and recover from the overabundance of delicious food we have undoubtedly consumed. 

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What are you thankful for?

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What are you Thankful For

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Black Friday Sales List

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At Seraphim, we are committed to bringing you the most pertinent and up-to-date information on sales and events across the grid, and Black Friday is no exception.  Last year we posted over 120 fantastic sales on Black Friday alone.  We are expecting to have all that and more for the 2014 Black Friday Sales List.

This year, we are offering a special opportunity to feature specific sales events that would like to stand out from the crowd.  For more information on how to become a featured event on the Black Friday Sales List, please click the button below.


If you wish to participate in the Black Friday Sales List (as either a featured or regular sale), you can fill in your information today!  The list will post on November 27, 2014.  Submitting your information early guarantees you will be on the list as it is released to the public.  Whether you are planning a sale yourself or know of someone who is, it is never too early to submit your information.  Simply click the link below to access the form.


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Creepy Cutie Carnival!

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It’s Creepy Cutie Carnival time! Meaning there is tons of stuff at this adorable event that is creepy and cute at the same time which is my favorite way to dress and I’m sure tons of others as well! So get on over here before Halloween to stock up on some cute costumes or outfits! See you there!


Teleport to Creepy Cutie Carnival


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It’s a Scarefest at Bloody Horror Fair!

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The Bloody Horror Fair is officially open and it’s super creepy and super cute at the same time with tons of designers making macabre creations! There are designs for both men and women at this fair so definitely drag your man friends along to this spooky event. However this event only lasts until the 5th of November so you better get moving before time runs out…or else!

Callie & Rosalyn

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Have a Killer Time at The Beauty Pageant!

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The Beauty Pageant is open and it’s not your typical one! There’s tons of blood and horror related beauty pageant type stuffs for everyone near Halloween! So you can be scary and pretty at the same time and who doesn’t love that? So get your beautiful behinds on down here before it closes on November 1st!


Teleport to The Beauty Pageant


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Ice Bucket Challenge Fair!

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely global with people from all over the world donating to research about ALS. It was about time Second Life got involved in this amazing cause and what better way than a fair?! So far SL has raised about 39,000 lindens for the ALS Association which is pretty incredible. There are a ton of fantasy designers and creators at this fair that have made some really fantastic creations. Every designer has atleast 2 ALS Association vendors where when you buy from them all of the money goes towards the ALS Association plus other products as well. This event will last until October 10th so come bring all of your friends and family to donate to the ALS Association and of course, buy adorable things while doing so!


Teleport to Ice Bucket Challenge Fair

More Info About ALS Association


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Now Accepting Applications!

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Want To Be a Blogger?
Are you up to the challenge of delivering interesting and lively coverage of the latest sales and events in Second Life? Are you dedicated, motivated, and reliable? Have you always wanted to apply to Seraphim, but have just been too shy?

Seraphim is looking for passionate and enthusiastic people to join our dedicated team of bloggers. It is your chance to spread the word on all the happenings around the grid. Sales to hunts. Festivals to fairs. Seraphim has it covered. The only thing we are missing is you!

Little or no experience? No problem! We welcome highly motivated team members from all genres, and at all levels of experience, to join our growing team. Apply now to become the newest member of our dynamic team!


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