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Frock & Nest is back!

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Frock & Nest is back, and stronger than ever!  

Seraphim has teamed up with Barb (OMGWTF Barbecue/Fifty Linden Fridays)
to reintroduce the ultimate Second Life shopping group.  

Frock & Nest is a group where creators and shoppers meet.  The unique in-world group offers content creators an opportunity to reach a large audience with news, events, and even to distribute some new items and exclusive group gifts.  Subscribers will keep up to date with all the hottest news and designer releases from across the grid.  The best part?  The group is absolutely free for all subscribers!

From the moment you sign up, you can poke around and see some of the most popular, high-quality creators in Second Life already part of the group.  What do you have to lose?  Make room for one more group today, and add Frock & Nest to your list.  You won’t regret it!


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Join our growing team!

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Apply Now!



Join our team of incredible bloggers as we dash across the grid to cover all the hottest sales events, fairs, hunts, and more!


No experience?  No problem!  We have a comprehensive training program that is the key to any individual’s success, whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or just starting out.

If you would like an inside perspective on what it is like to work for Seraphim, feel free to contact anyone on our team by accessing our Meet the Team page.

The first step to joining our dynamic Seraphim family is just a click away.
We can’t wait to hear from you!


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Could you be the answer we’re looking for?

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Apply Now!

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Seraphim HQ is now open!

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Seraphim Big ass logo

Come and visit us at Seraphim’s brand-spanking new in-world HQ!  

Visit us today for an introduction to our blogging team, our partners and information on our upcoming events.  Look around a little further and you will find our office where we work as hard as possible  to ensure we present the newest, biggest, and best to our dedicated readers.  You never know who you might find there, working or hanging out.  We also have a range of group gifts provided by some of the hottest designers in Second Life, which will change periodically; all of these are free to our Seraphim Socialites.  

Visit us today to enter the world of Seraphim and all we have to offer!

Del & Adriana

Teleport to Seraphim HQ

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MOLiCHiNO is back, and is offering an awesome contest this week only!

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MOLiCHiNO Image for Seraphim

After having been in business for two years in Second Life, MOLiCHiNO Owner and Designer, Aurelia Chauveau, had to close her doors due to real-life family health issues. Thankfully, a positive change has taken place and MOLiCHiNO is opening its doors once again on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 5pm SLT at a new location. Following months of evolved inspiration and plenty of hard work, Miss Chauveau is welcoming both old and new customers a new spring collection, VIP contest, updated vendor system, and more.

To celebrate the opening, MOLiCHiNO is introducing an opportunity to become the MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP. This is the most special, and exclusive title anyone can gain within the MOLiCHino family! The title enables the winner to receive every item from MOLiCHiNO from now until the end of time. (Previous releases can be sent to the winner at any time at request). The maximum number of new MOLiCHiNO Lifetime VIP’s is limited to 4 per year or less, so it is a very exclusive club to be a part of! To win the title is easy, anyone can enter just by shopping at the new MOLiCHiNO in-world store from March 10 5pm SLT until March 17 5pm SLT. During your visit, you are automatically put into the drawing to win! There is only one entry per-person to make it fair. But that’s not all. MOLiCHiNO is choosing 3 additional shoppers to win the next 3 releases at MOLiCHiNO for free.

Teleport in today to see what is new, and also to be entered to win these incredible contest offerings!


Teleport to MOLiCHiNO

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Space Travel…based on your suggestions

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The Seraphim Social is the sales event where the theme is decided Y-O-U!  Yes, you hold all the power.  The topic for the April, 2014 round is SPACE TRAVEL, and we are accepting suggestions now for your favorite books, poems and short stories based on the topic.  The most requested book suggestions will be tabulated and the top 5 will be voted upon to determine the theme.

All suggestions must be in by MARCH 5, 2014 in order to be included in the poll.  Tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors!  Tell that weird guy down the way!  We are accepting book suggestions now.  Don’t delay, click today!


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Rabbit Hole Theme Contest!

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Submit your theme.fw

Folks this is straight off the presses, check it out.

Thank you for your interest in our contest! What is this all about you ask? Well it is fairly simple.
Our bi-weekly sales room “The Rabbit Hole” features a new theme every round. And this time we thought why not let the people decide, after all you are the ones the items are made for!

What do you have to do?

1. Make up a fun theme
2. Design a poster for that theme
3. Submit the theme + poster (or link to the poster)  in a NC to the KaTnipZ Events Group

I know there are a gazillion creative people all around the Grid, lets see what you can come up with.


Teleport to the Rabbit Hole Sales Room

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Vote now for the first round of Serafilms!

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Take a peek…we promise to be good.

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Backstage Poster



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Seraphim & SL Hunts: A Perfect Combination!

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Seraphim & SLHunts are proud to announce our collaboration, The Premier Second Life Event & Sales blog and the most popular Second Life Hunts blog have joined forces to become “Sister Sites”!

What does this mean? Well it means you, our loyal readers can find all the news on all the sales, events & hunts at one place… Our collaboration!

Seraphim will be focusing on the Sales & Events whilst SLHunts will remain predominantly hunts however we shall be cross referring content to insure you do not miss a thing that may be happening on the grid… a one stop shop for all the deals, promos & fun that SL has to offer!

It also allows us to offer amazing advertising packages, so if you have a store, event, hunt or anything else you would like to feature on our side bars check out or superb collaboration offers on our Advertising Page by clicking the image below.


Seraphim & SLHunts look forward to bringing you top coverage on Second Life content in the future!

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What is Serafilms?

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Serafilms Logo 400 width

You have spoken, and we have listened!  

Based on your feedback, we are Seraphim are pleased to introduce Serafilms to our event rotation!  This event will feature some of the most talented and creative designers from across the grid, bringing you their interpretations of the film you choose to be the theme.  That is right — YOU choose the theme!

In the true spirit of reader-focused and shopper-centric event coordination, our loyal readers will be presented with a topic, and given a few days each round to make suggestions for films befitting the broad category.  The five most popular suggestions will then be presented for voting.  The film receiving the most reader votes will be chosen as the theme for the coming round.  Each sales event will be held the last two weeks of the month, on and every-other month basis.  On the very last day of the sales event, a theme party featuring a live DJ will be held at the venue to celebrate the film chosen, and to show off all the goodies purchased from the sales event!

Put on those thinking caps and decide which musical film you would like to see portrayed by the designers for the inaugural round.  Film suggestions will open on February 1st!

For more information regarding Serafilms, please click here.


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