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Preview of The Arcade, December Edition!

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It’s finally that time we’ve all been anxiously awaiting! The Arcade returns December 1st with more gacha goodness to satisfy your cravings and, as always, the creators have put an immense amount of time and love into their contributions. Are you ready to see what all of the buzz is about? Which sets are you after this round? Will you win that one perfect rare you’ve been fawning over all week? Will you be able to collect them all? It’s all just so exciting! The highly addictive fun is about to begin, so without further ado…The Arcade Preview!


The Arcade Preview

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The Arcade, September 2014 Edition

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Oh yes! It’s that time again…time for the long anticipated event, The Arcade! I know that a ton of us have been antsy waiting for the first of September to come around so we can spend our entire paychecks (and bank accounts) on this crazy wonderful event. This round of The Arcade is certainly not lacking in creativity and fun with amazing designers from all over the grid bringing you something unique and exclusive to this event. And as fall rolls in there are even stuffs for all of us who like to drink our PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) as soon as September hits. So make sure to bring all of your cash money and people who will buy you all of it to this glorious event because it only lasts a month!  Also, this is just a preview so as we get more information, we’ll be updating this post and adding a slurl once it opens.

<3 Callie, Del, Maddie, and Eden

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The Arcade, June 2014 Edition

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Hey hey hey! Does anyone else feel like dancing because I’m pretty sure that’s all we’ve been doing as we see all of these Arcade previews out! We’ve scoured the internet to find all this info just for you all so we could get it to you all early! The Arcade doesn’t even open for another 2 days almost! I dunno how we’re going to possibly wait, I’m sure you all feel the same way too. Stay tuned throughout the remaining days as we keep updating! So without further ado we present to you The Arcade Preview for June 2014!

Callie, Del, and Freya

Teleport to the Arcade


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