The Last Hello Tuesday Deals of Summer!

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It’s the last Hello Tuesday of August! Gasp! Where did the month go?! I’m really not sure, to be honest, and I think that I might need to catch my breath from the way we all sprinted through the month. However…no matter how winded you are from the August rush, don’t forget to stop at each store on the way for some amazing deals.



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The Seraphim Yardsale is coming September 1st!

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The Seraphim Yardsale is back by popular demand for the September 2016 round of The Arcade.  The group is now available to join in-world!  To join, simply copy the SL link provided below and paste the link in your local chat.  A link will be provided for you to click.  Easy peasy!


Please note, the rules for the September 2016 round are included below.  Make sure you check out the rules before joining the group.  We do not offer refunds.  Click the image to read a clearer copy of our rules.

Seraphim Yardsale Rules - September 2016

Happy Gacha’ing!

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Seraphim Spotlight – Jacq Daniels

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Seraphim is an amazing site that comes to life because of the spectacular team that contributes to it each day. Seraphim Spotlight is a monthly piece that focuses on our bloggers who make this site what it is today. For the month of August I was able to snag Jacq Daniels for a quick interview. Jacq is our dedicated information manager here at Seraphim. I hope you enjoy getting to know our girl.

♔ Alice


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Summer Sale at Junk!

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  • Junk is having a Summer Sale
  • July 29 – August 1
  • Store Genre:  Home & Garden
  • Entire store discounted, excluding gachas and giftcards
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to Junk
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The Seraphim Experience is coming In-World

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The Seraphim experience is coming in-world!


We have developed a HUD with an amazing array of features. You will be able to see all the events Seraphim helps to promote. You will have options teleport directly to the event of your choice, or to peruse the website gallery before getting your shopping fix. Optional repetitive teleport functionality is also built in to the HUD to help you get in to even the most popular of events. An added feature is the ability to mark events as your favorites so you come back to them with ease every time they’re scheduled to open. If you’re feeling adventurous, a button has been provided to randomly teleport you to any open shopping event that is promoted through Seraphim. The HUD is completely free to our readers as a measure to enhance your Seraphim experience. 

Announcements will be made in our in-world group when the HUD becomes available. Please join today by copying and pasting the link below in to your local chat window and then clicking the link in your chat history. The group is free, the information is immeasurable. 


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