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As of June 15, 2018, the HUD is no longer supported. Please click here for more info:

Seraphim In-World HUD announcement

Event Coverage

Event coverage means that we will write a blog post about your event, either with or without a picture gallery. Click here to get to the forms to request coverage (events repeating on a set schedule, one-time events, and sales)

Event coverage is completely free!

Please give us at least 72 hours before you check back with us via email: contact@seraphimsl.com.

Event coverage requires a blogger, and on such short notice our bloggers are sure to already have prior commitments, either in SL or RL, so it is very rare that we’re able to accommodate last minute applications.

We’re glad that you and your blogger have a good relationship, and if at all possible we will try to accommodate your request.

Considering an event for coverage is based on many different factors – for example if your event starts on the first day of the month, odds are that we will be unable to cover it, that is by far our busiest day. Other factors are availability of bloggers, historical statistics of events similar to yours, current trends, and many more. You may apply again for coverage no sooner than six months after your initial request.

No, event coverage is completely separate from advertising and can’t be purchased by buying advertising.

Stores that are not set up at all, or only partially set up at event opening, will be listed as MIA so the reader at least knows that your store is in the event and can look for it, even though the item is not represented in our picture gallery.

We give our team the authority to decide to add a store after an event has opened. Many times, our bloggers will be happy to oblige, but often it is not possible, due to other commitments, or events being full. Please try to be understanding when they can’t make it happen for you.

Unfortunately there have been too many instances of misappropriation or lack of transparency in regards to donations or proceeds, and as such we have opted out of covering these type of charity events. We gladly provide coverage for events benefitting established charities if we are able to fit them into our schedule.


Advertising, as opposed to event coverage, is not free – it is an additional way to promote your event, store, release, etc. We have options available for every need and budget! Click here for more information.

The landmark included in your confirmation notecard should teleport you right to your box, if it is in the upper row, it is part of the name of the landmark. Look for a box with the Seraphim logo and the word “Reserved” on it, as well as your name in hovertext above it.

This is not an automated process, we have to place each ad manually, and what might be early morning for you could well be in the middle of the night for us, due to different time zones. We guarantee to have ads up by 9am SLT, if your ad is not up after that time, something might have gone awry and you’re welcome to contact either Delicate Flower (awylder1) or Heidi Halberstadt in-world, or you can send us an email: contact@seraphimsl.com.

Please give us at least 72 hours before you check back with us via email: contact@seraphimsl.com.

We do not send out confirmation of payment. We send confirmation notecards with the amount to be paid and will contact you if we don’t receive payment within the stated time-frame. For your own records and proof (if necessary), please make sure to retain copies of your transaction history.

Some of our advertising is sold out months in advance, especially the short term options. As such, it might simply not be possible to accommodate a last minute request.

Yes, we do! On our advertising page we list several site stats, which are updated several times a year to reflect current numbers.



All this information can be found on our site on our Information Portal.

> All events we currently cover are listed in the text box located at the top of the blog posts. Fairs, Sales, Recurring Events in alphabetical order, Kid, Prepaid, and various lists (Yardsale, Black Friday, etc.), just click the tabs.

> On the right of the text box is the heading Categories with a drop-down menu – this is where you can find all events we cover in order of their recurrence (weekly, monthly, etc.).

> Located underneath the Categories search option you can find a text box – this is where you can type in your search term to search for an event or a designer.

Please note: Search functions are limited to events within the last six months, events older than that have been removed.


You can either contact the blogger and kindly point it out, or you can utilize our form, which can be found here. Thank you for letting us know, we appreciate it!

If you can’t find the notecard we sent out to you when we contacted you about event coverage, you have several options to find your blogger:

> You can either check the blog post for the name and then go to the Meet The Team page for a click-through to the blogger’s profile.

> You can check our Information Portal for your event and find the name of the blogger and then go to the Meet The Team page for a click-through to the blogger’s profile.


That’s great to hear! When we hire, we post it on our website, on all our social media sites, and in our in-world group, keep your eyes open and you might be our newest team member!

One of our top priorities is to stay neutral and just report the facts, and if your comment is not a factual issue (broken link, tp not working, wrong price for an item, etc.), it will not be published. Comments speaking badly about designers, items, or events are not welcome, we are not the proper venue for that.

The vast majority of applicants are female avatars, so the odds are simply much higher for a female avatar to be chosen for an open position. Gender is of no importance to us when we select our top candidates for new positions.

Let’s have it! You can either contact Delicate Flower (awylder1) or Heidi Halberstadt in-world, or you can send us an email: contact@seraphimsl.com.. We’re happy to get questions, suggestions, or constructive criticism!

Seraphim is an event blog, and as such we do not cover store releases with blog posts. You can, however, purchase advertising to promote your item!  

While we consider the donation of review copies a very generous gift from both event coordinators and designers, it is not (and should never be) an expectation.  Bloggers outright requesting review copies is against our policies, and we take this very seriously. Please contact Delicate Flower (awylder1) or Heidi Halberstadt in-world, or send us an email: contact@seraphimsl.com.

We removed that page in 2016 due to a lack of interest.  There are several Discord channels designed for this purpose. Blogger & Vlogger Network also lists events looking for bloggers, click here to go to their site (Please be aware that clicking this link leads to another website unaffiliated with SeraphimSL.com).

We encourage you to chat with fellow creators to see what helped them best get recognized by their key events.

Please don’t.  Seraphim bloggers do not accept monetary gratuities.  They are compensated for their work on your event.  Tips place one blogger at an advantage over the others.  This is unfair to the entire team.

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