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- Max Beerbohm

Ooh La La! A Brand New 21Shoe!

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21Shoe is one of those events that certainly calls to my inner “girly girl” each month. I just simply love shoes! Stilettos! Sandals! Flats! Boots! I’ve never met a shoe my little tootsies didn’t like. And 21Shoe knows exactly how to play into that shoe-obsessed side of me, by bringing together some of the most incredible footwear designers on the grid to offer us some real beauties! Each set includes either two brand new designs, or two event exclusive recolors, but they are available only until midnight tonight. So there’s absolutely no time to waste, mosey on over to their full catalogue preview and get started!


21Shoe Catalogue

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It’s An All New The Showroom!

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It’s a big old raver party going on here today at The Showroom.  Lots of fun Rave inspired fashion, poses and avatar accessories.  Only 0pen until May 30 so better get to shopping!

♣ Cinder

MIA: Circa, FE Style, Fengshui, Idiot, Pish, Tony, Shakeup, Varonis

Teleport to The Showroom


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5th Avenue Rocks the Grid!

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I know what you want, I know what you need! You need even more amazing 85L bargains, am I right? Well that’s exactly what you’re going to find during this round of 5th Avenue! Everything from mesh and appliers, to shoes and accessories; the designers have brought it all out for you until only June 2nd. So go pick up all that those sweet little arms can carry before you miss out!


Teleport to 5th Avenue

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Shiny Shabby is Open!

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Happy Humpday everyone!  Here to pick up your midweek Shiny Shabby opens it doors to bring you loads of fashions, avatar accessories, and home and garden goodness.

-Cinder and Eden-

MIA: Scarlett Creative, Ravenghost, N4RS, La Penderie De Nicole, Elle Excellence, Aphorism

Teleport to Shiny Shabby


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MEN only monthly is back!!

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Calling out all the handsome guys are the grid! Men only monthly is back and this is a guy only event….which means…ladies bring you boys out for a makeover if they need one or simply drag them around to buy need clothes…who doesnt love new clothes hmmm? :) From now until the 15th of June! So….hurryyyyy!!

Atiya ツ

Teleport To Men Only Monthly


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It is time for some Bewbapalooza!!

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Are you ready for Bewbapalooza?!?! This round of Bewbapalloza is surely going to make you jiggle in ways you never thought those bewbs would jiggle. These amazing designers are bringing just the right amount of sexy for you life that you can’t pass up. It all starts now and ends on the 10th of June at noon so grab those shopping buddies, purses, and whatever else you need while shopping!


MIA: Peep Show, Seddys Creation, Tooty Fruity

Teleport to Bewbapalooza


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Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto is back and ready for action!

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That is right ladies and gentleman is time to shop at Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto!! Why you ask?? Because everything is 50% off!! This wonderful event starts today and ends on the 31st so make sure you get your savings on while you still can!


Teleport to Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto


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I Just Can’t Fight This Secret Wednesday Anymore!

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Because we’ve been waiting a whole week for a brand new round of Secret Wednesday to begin, and here it finally is! Everything on the list is marked just 49L – 100L each until the clock strikes midnight. So grab your wallet, your fancy schmancy reusable shopping bags, and your own copy of today’s list and get started!


Secret Wednesday Photos

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The Paradise of Fantasy Fair!

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The Paradise of Fantasy Fair has arrived to celebrate the fifth anniversary of this great fantasy SIM! Some of the best fantasy designers on the grid are setting up shop for an entire month, along with many live performances each Friday and Sunday. Meet me over there before June 20th for a lavish indulgence in imagination!


Teleport to The Paradise of Fantasy Fair

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Are you ready to be the next member of our fun, caring and growing family?

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Seraphim is currently looking for dynamic, responsible and motivated people to join our ever-growing team of event bloggers!  Whether you have years of blogging experience or none at all, the hands-on training received by Seraphim will prepare you for success in the constantly changing event environment. Work alongside event coordinators and content creators while providing marketing support on the premier sales and events blog in Second Life.  Your Seraphim family awaits…just click the button below to apply today!



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Wishing you a good day with Hello Tuesday!

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After the dreaded monday here we are to receive tuesday with open arms \o/. At Hello Tuesday, and as usual mind you, we have some super hot and spicy deals just for one day. Be sure to stop by….or you might miss them forever!!!

Atiya ツ


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Weekly Hunt Survival Guide May 18th – May 24th

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Hello, you beautiful little hunter, you! We’ve got another handful of seriously fun hunts beginning this week, including one especially for you fellas! Check your list to make sure you’ve hit them all up, as most of your favorites will be winding up within the next week or so. But you don’t have to take my word for any of it, just crack open these pages of The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide and take a peek for yourself! Happy hunting!



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50% Off at Boob-Lish!

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Boob-Lish is holding a huge sale on all marked items! Group members can enjoy 50% off mesh, appliers, shoes, skins, and so much more. Membership is free, so get over there to beef up that inventory before the sale ends on June 1st!


Teleport to Boob-Lish

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Stay Lazy with Lazy Sunday

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Lazy SundayLazy Sunday is brand new this morning, and your favorite designers have their goodies set out for 75L or less! What a steal, right?! You all have until 11:59pm tonight to snag all these amazing items!



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35L Sunday Winds it Down!

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35L Sunday is ready to end your weekend with a bang! No reason to be moping about when you can be celebrating one last great weekend offer, since everything on the list is just 35L! The deals all end at midnight tonight, so get rollin’!


35L Sunday Blog

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Seriously, IDK!

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IDKMay2015IDK, IDK, IDK! But really, IDK is back is for a brand new round! Thirty-two designers are here for this brand new round of IDK, and IDK how to contain myself! You guys, seriously, need to come down before June 10th and get these amazing IDK exclusives. So, IDK, you guys should get down here and stuff, like right now!


MIA: Balkanik 2.0, Dazed, Doe, Harajuku, Vincue

Teleport to IDK


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!ndustry for Nepal

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I think we can all agree that one of the most life-altering benefits of this beautiful world, is the expanded opportunity to help our fellow man. I’ve seen it time and time again throughout my time in Second Life – our community as a whole has such an amazing and generous heart! Well, it’s time to ban together once more, my friends! Spend your day at !ndustry enjoying all of the incredibly talented live performers, as they entertain you while striving to raise funds for donation to the American Red Cross to benefit those effected by the victims of the recent M7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal. Every single one of your Linden dollars can help feed, clothe, or provide much needed medical care.

And now, for the fun stuff! Who will you get to see performing LIVE this Saturday from 11AM – 8:30PM SLT? Currently on the list they have: Sassy Nitely (11:00 AM SLT), Oblee (11:30), Zachh Cale (12:00 PM SLT), Phemie Alcott (12:30), Jase Turtleface (1:00), Cassi Ansar (1:30), DJjessica Teardrop (2:00 & 2:30), Jukebox Diesel (3:00),  DJ Malachi decuir (3:30), Keeba Tammas (4:00), Mark Allan Jensen (4:30),  Acousticenergy Nitely (5:00), Collin Martin (5:30), Oakley Foxtrot (6:00), Red Heaven (6:30), Anidi Huet (7:00), Ashton Andretti (7:30), and Rara Destiny (8:00)!


Teleport to !ndustry for Nepal

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Dream Kids Events Goes Galactic!

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Dream Kids Events is back with an amazing round that will have you soaring through outer space! If you can’t tell, this month’s theme is the universe!! So cool, and tons of awesome space themed items for kids. Check it out, the last day is June 7th!

Teleport to Dream Kids Events

❤ Indigo


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Penumbra Spring/Summer Fashion Week is here

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.PENUMBRA. Spring/Summer Fashion Week (SS15) is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. From May 16th through the 23rd, experience runway shows, trunk shows, and a special show for those designers participating in Sneak Peek fashion event.  The closing show is going to be bridal themed for all the ladies planning to wed their sweethearts this spring and summer!  Penumbra never fails to  please the inner fashionista in us all!  Mark your calendars and don’t miss the upcoming events!


Teleport to SS15

To check out all that is to offer at this event, click here: Website | Facebook | Flickr


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It’s The Ssssaturday Ssssale!

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No buts about it, The Saturday Sale is here to shine this weekend! They have another great list of deals, all priced at just 50L – 75L each. But these amazing prices will poof and disappear as the clock strikes midnight, so hurry up and get to work!


Teleport to Reign

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