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It’s Time for The Neighbourhood!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2015 in Neighbourhood, The | 4 comments



It’s that time again! The Neighbourhood is back with another great round! There are some super cute home and decor items that you won’t want to miss, and they are at a discounted price of only 150L! Check it out, it only lasts today, July 25th!

❤ Indigo


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Uber is out on the street!

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Uber Street Style


A whole month has passed and Uber is back with a new theme for all urban fashion lovers! The magic word for this round is STREET and there are all sorts of fun, colorful items to match it. Make sure to TP to Uber before August 23rd or you’ll be late to the party!

· Connie ·

Teleport to Uber


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Little Llama is Having a Sale!

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  • New Location, New Look Little Llama Celebration Sale!
  • July 25 – August 7
  • Everything in the store is discounted, excluding gachas.  VIP Group free to join during this time.
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to Little Llama
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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the Saturday Sale!

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The weekend doesn’t have to be boring, catch up on some super savings at the Saturday Sale.  Over thirty designers showcasing items from 50L to 75L, from now until midnight.  Fly on in, put your super shopping powers to work and earn yourself some fabulous savings from The Saturday Sale.


Teleport to Reign

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Get fancy with Neverland Gacha Event!

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NGE072515This round of Neverland Gacha not only has a fancy formal event theme, but a fancy new format, featuring bargiantastic 25L gachas, alongside quality full-price vendors! If you’re a kid and you’ve got a wedding, dance or just a really really nice tea party to go to between now and August 20th, this is the event for you!

Nivaya <3

Teleport to Neverland Kids Gacha


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Are You Ready for Your July Sneak Peek?

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Sneak Peek is finally here for July, bringing you that special little glimpse into the season’s finest fashions that you’ve come to love! Just check out that list of participating designers this month, some of your old favorites along with a few you may never met before, are all ready to show off their favorite designs for you. Head on over and see what all the hub-bub is about before this round ends on August 5th!


Teleport to Sneak Peek 

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Wut Wut! It’s 30L Saturday!

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A list absolutely over flowing with deals marked to just 30L each? Whaaaat?! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! All you have to do is grab yourself a quick copy of this weekend’s list, then make sure you snatch them all up before tonight at midnight. So simple!


Teleport to Whatz

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Wow! It’s Sixty Linden Weekends!

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Wow, what a gorgeous morning! And if anything can improve upon it, it’s certainly this brand new round of Sixty Linden Weekends! Grab your wallet and head out for a day full of fabulous bargain shopping, since everything on the list is a mere 60L each. That’s all clothing, accessories, home decor, and so much more! Just make sure you pack it all in before the weekend wraps up!


Sixty Linden Weekends Photos

Sixty Linden Weekends Flickr

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Remodeling Sale at Rising Hystyria!

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Stay Sexy With Freaky Friday!

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Freaky Friday has all your weekend needs!  From now until midnight, all your weekend sexy wear is only 69L.  Don’t get caught bringing sexy back, stay current in your sexiness with Freaky Friday!


Freaky Friday Flickr

Teleport to Freaky Friday

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Seraphim Spotlight – Del

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Seraphim Spotlight | 0 comments


This month for our Seraphim Spotlight, I trapped and caged sat down with Del, the owner of Seraphim, to find out a few things about her that we can use as blackmail material might be of interest to you, as they were for us. Our team came up with some good questions, so without further ado, here is the interview – please click on <Read More>.

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Fi*Fridays Starts the Weekend Off Right!

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 in Fi*Fridays (Fifty Five Linden Fridays) | 0 comments


Fi*Fridays is back, and guess what?! It’s changing to every weekend! That means 55L awesome items every week, yay! This round is super cool with tons of beautiful items to check out, don’t miss it before it ends on July 27th.

Teleport to Fi*Fridays

❤ Indigo


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Yay it’s 50L Friday Kids!

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It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to empty out your piggybanks for 50L Friday Kids! This week features clothes and toys to see you right through summer, and beyond into the future! But they won’t wait, these 50L goodies will be gone at midnight SLT of today, July 24th!

Nivaya <3


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Let the Bargains 4 Babies begin!

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On your marks, get set, SHOP! Bargains 4 Babies brings you the latest fashion for kid avatars for only a fraction of the original price. Hurry up, because the discount will only last till Thursday 30th!


Bargains 4 Babies blog

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Introducing Illusion Point!

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Happy friday everybody! \o/ I’m here to introduce you to the brand new event on the grid its called Illusion Point and its a monthly event and…well…the name says it all. Those designers will make your dream and wanting more and more of Illusion Point :) Until the 18th of August, 2015.

Atiya ツ

Teleport To Illusion Point


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Hey! D & B is Having a Sale!

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  • D & B Summer Sale
  • July 24 – July 31
  • Everything in store discounted, daily feature item will be featured at higher discount
  • 25% store & 75% daily feature item
  • Teleport to D & B
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Who’s Ready for Some Steals and Deals?

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Is there any better way to kick off a fantastic weekend than with a brand new round of Steals and Deals? I sure can’t think of any! Everything is marked to at least 50% off it’s regular retail pricing from now until Monday at midnight. So there’s not a moment to lose, take a peek at this weekend’s offers and hit the pavement to scoop up all the amazing deals!


Steals and Deals Blog

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It’s Friday, Friday, Fifty Linden Friday!

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It’s one of the favorite events of the week, where designers invite you into their shop to grab some amazing savings.  With each item priced at just 50L from some of your absolute favorite designers across the grid, you will be looking super without hurting your wallet!  The link to each store is under it’s picture in our gallery, so flip through and head right to the items of your choice.  Let’s kick off this weekend right with some seriously amazing shopping!

♥ Del and Cherrie

MIA: Blues Hair


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Visit the Okinawa Summer Festival!

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Fairs & Special Events | 0 comments


Plan a long visit to Japan for this great seasonal event – Okinawa Summer Festival! There are over 40 vendors to browse through, along with live DJ performances, and a photography contest packed with prizes. Just be sure to plan your vacation before the festival wraps up on August 24th!

Teleport to Okinawa Summer Festival

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The Fantasy Collective Goes Woodland!

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Calling all Elves and Fairies, Nymphs and Satyrs, and all lovers of fantasy, The Fantasy Collective has opened its doors for July with some incredible goodies from the Woodlands!  You have until doors close on this fantasyland on August 15th to skip on in and shop till you drop!

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

Teleport to The Fantasy Collective


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