We won’t deny it: We LOVE Second Life blogs.

And when it comes to blogs that cover weekly sales and events, we get even more excited. Our tongues loll out of the side of our mouths and eyes go all gaga…trust us, you don’t want to see it. But it seems that you can never get GOOD blogs without getting BAD drama!

Seraphim was created to test the idea that a blog with great coverage – that valued its readers, bloggers, designers and staff – could rise above the mire and earn respect and loyalty by building people up instead of tearing them down.

Our mission is simple.

1. Be nice.
2. Appreciate and respect our readers, bloggers, designers and staff.
3. Provide outstanding sales coverage while also offering valuable content.

Everyone likes to be respected and appreciated. Designers wish to be treated fairly by not having their items bashed, and our bloggers wish to be treated fairly as well. The coverage we provide is HARD WORK and very time-consuming! Not everyone is cut out for this kind of blogging, and those that are take on a huge responsibility when they commit to this. If we don’t get an event posted on the day it was released, feel free to send us an email asking when it might be expected, but please don’t waste our time and yours by attacking someone who is trying to do their best for the readers, event organizers and designers, while also balancing their real lives.

We want to be your sales blog of choice. We will work diligently to cover as many sales as possible, and as consistently as possible. Our goal is not to be the biggest, baddest blog out there. We just want to provide an alternative for those who wish to receive the information they are looking for without having to weed through the drama and insults.

And last but not least, we want to hear from YOU! If you like what we’re doing, please let us know. If you want your event covered, complete the applicable Event Coverage Request Form found on our contact page. And if there is something you feel could make this blog even more valuable to you, please contact us – we want to hear it!

Thank you for reading and welcome to Seraphim. a blog that cares.

Del & Heidi

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