Seraphim HUD – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thanks for trying out our HUD! We’re very excited about it, and we hope you will be, too. It’s new, though, so we figure you have questions. We might even have answers for them!


My HUD is blank! Is it broken?

Not at all! When you first wear it, the listings area will be blank. You can choose options in settings (the little gear icon) or select either sorting button to fill the screen.


I want to go to this event but your teleport isn’t working!

If the event is not open, we may not have a slurl available for it. It will be updated, though, so keep an eye on it. Please try to remember that these updates are done by people. If you’re sure the event is open but the HUD has not been updated, check the site for more information.


Clicking the teleport button is sending me to the website. What’s wrong with this thing?

For in-store events, there is no central location. I know, I know, hopping around is SO much work. To save you a bit of hassle in these cases, both the teleport and gallery buttons will take you to the relevant posts so that you can easily find the slurls you need.


Why are you at Seraphim so awesome?

I dunno, we woke up this way.


I keep clicking tp/fave/gallery and nothing is happening!

Before you can use these, you have to select an event. You’ll know it’s working because the event name will highlight in blue. The HUD is handy, but thankfully it’s not psychic. Your lunch order is safe.


All I see is events that are months away. Why is this happening to me?!

It sounds like you’re showing all events or favorites in reverse chronological order. Click the sort by date button on the right and it should show you current events again.


What happened to the settings button? There is a house button there now.

If you can’t see the gear icon, you’re in settings. The icon changes to the home button display when you’re in there so you can get back to your home screen.


This HUD is too large. This HUD is too small. How do I make it just right?

The HUD is mod, you can adjust the size in edit mode. We recommend using the diagonal options.


Okay, but why is the bell red?

The bell on the HUD will light up if there’s a new post on our website. This is set to on by default.


Hey girl, can I get your number?

Sorry, all Seraphim girls are the property of management. Acquisition of digits is handled on a case by case basis. (Hint: The answer is always no.)


Why does this event have a heart beside the name?

The heart indicates that this is an event that’s been added to your favorites. You can always remove it later if you change your mind!


Will I still need to open your site in my browser?

Yes and no. Galleries will need to be viewed in a browser, but whether it is within SL or outside the client depends on your viewer settings.


I’m clicking the x. Why isn’t it detaching?

Sometimes lag will keep attachments from being removed immediately. Unfortunately, there’s no real fix for this. Sorry about that!


How do I become a HUD advertiser?

Fill out the advertising request form found on our contacts page or by clicking HERE. We will be in contact regarding your advertising request within 72 hours.


How do I get my sale or event listed on the HUD?

Please apply for coverage by filling out the appropriate form found on our contacts page, or by clicking HERE. All applicant events garner the same consideration when being reviewed. Please be sure you fully understand our policies before submitting an application.


Didn’t see your question answered?  Feel free to e-mail us at  Due to the large influx of information received on a daily basis, we are unable to address notecards and instant messages in-world.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply to your inquiry.  Thank you!

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