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Seraphim Spotlight – Jacq Daniels

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Seraphim is an amazing site that comes to life because of the spectacular team that contributes to it each day. Seraphim Spotlight is a monthly piece that focuses on our bloggers who make this site what it is today. For the month of August I was able to snag Jacq Daniels for a quick interview. Jacq is our dedicated information manager here at Seraphim. I hope you enjoy getting to know our girl.

♔ Alice


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Happy New Year From Seraphim!

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Baring it all (left to right): Heidi, Atiya, Jordan, Tara, Indigo, Del,  Jeeves, Connie, Cherrie, Eden
Down for the count: Nivaya and Cinder

Oh, we’re sorry! We thought you said Happy NUDE Rear! Oops, honest mistake! *hic*

As we leave this year with many cherished memories, we would like to thank each of you for making it all the more special! Every event coordinator, designer, blogger, store owner, and of course YOU the readers, have made 2015 one for the records! We wish you nothing but happiness, prosperity, fantastic sales, bliss, love, incredible event themes, that perfect pair of stilettos, peace, and another reason to keep smiling in the weeks and months to come!

Thank you for your patience as the Seraphim ladies celebrate (perhaps a bit too hard) and recover from the festivities. We’ll be back soon to help you get 2016 started off with a bang!

Happy Nud…er..New Year!

Your Seraphim Blogging Team

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Happy Holidays from Seraphim!

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All Glitter and Gold (left to right): Cinder, Eden, Indigo, Jordan, Ginger, Connie
Del, Cherrie, Nivaya, Tara, Atiya and Heidi


The ladies of Seraphim would like to wish you and yours peace, joy, and all of the wonder this holiday season has to offer. May it sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round!


Thank you for your understanding as our blogging team takes a little downtime to celebrate. We’ll be back before you know it, bringing you all of your favorite events, hunts, and sales!


From Our Family to Yours, Merry Christmas!

Your Seraphim Blogging Team


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Black Friday starts here!

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The biggest, baddest, craziest, busiest and most wonderful shopping day of the year has finally arrived, and Seraphim is here to bring you all the best deals from your favorite designers. Our dedicated team of bloggers is hard at work scouring the grid to keep you informed of every detail as it is discovered.  We are going to keep this information available to you all weekend long, so don’t forget about those sales lasting through the weekend as well.  As in years past, our Black Friday sales list will be updated throughout the weekend, so make sure to check back early and often!

Happy Shopping!

 The Seraphim Team


 This post will contain live updates throughout the entire weekend, so please remember to check back often!

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Happy Thanksgiving From Seraphim!

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Giving Thanks (left to right): Del, Cinder, Connie, Atiya, Nivaya
Indigo, Jordan, Heidi and Tara


Welp. So much for having a nice, relaxing family dinner! Seems anytime the ladies of Seraphim get together, things get a little bit rowdy!


We appreciate your patience as we’re off spending time with our families and giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives. We will be back bright and early tomorrow, bringing you all of your favorite events along with full Black Friday sales coverage!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Seraphim Blogging Team


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Tell us why you’re Thankful and WIN!

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What are you Thankful For

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Black Friday is nearly here!

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Black Friday Sales

It is hard to believe it has been a year since the last Thanksgiving already! The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to give thanks for our family and friends, as well as the incredible meal that sends us to bed with a happy and full stomach each year. Of course there is plenty to be thankful for the entire weekend, with incredible sales and opportunities in both RL and SL. As Second Life’s premier sales and events blog, our primary goal on Black Friday is to provide the most pertinent information on all sales events across the grid.

To list a sale on Seraphim, and to find out about our exclusive featured advertising, please click the buttons below.


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Happy Halloween From Seraphim!

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Seraphim Halloween 1

All Dressed Up (left to right): Cherrie, Ginger, Heidi, Cinder, Tara,
Connie, Jordan, Del, Nivaya, Creepy Zombie Chick


Unicorns, and nachos, and nurses! Oh my! The ghouls of Seraphim are all dressed up and celebrating this spooky fun Holiday together – but never fear! We’ll still be creeping around, haunting all of your favorite shopping events, hunts, and sales to bring together everything you need to kick off November with a bang!


Happy Halloween!

Your Seraphim blogging team

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Join The Play Room VIP group today!

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Hello to all The Play Room shoppers!!  We have begun a VIP Group specifically for people who love our monthly, family-friendly gacha event.  By joining this group, you will receive first-notice on any details regarding The Play Room, and will receive early access to the event!  There may also be some free gifts in your future, so join now to get all the perks!

★☆★ Copy the following URL into your chat window to join the group! ★☆★ secondlife:///app/group/cd75ae99-b5a9-394e-9bbb-0800ed086721/about

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The Play Room is looking for more guest designers!

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The Play Room has opened applications for additional guest designers to join us during 2016!  If you are a child-friendly designer that would like to participate in our wildly successful monthly event, please click HERE to read our terms and conditions.  To apply, please click the button below.


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Seraphim Spotlight – Atiya

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September may mark the beginning of fall but we still have our Seraphim Spotlight to keep us on our feet. This month we are focusing all eyes on our lovely event blogger, Atiya. I had the privilege to poke and pester her for the answers we were all dying to know. Thank you Atiya for all the amazing work you for Seraphim! Please click on “READ MORE”.

.♥.Alice Bates.♥.

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There are now *two* ways to search for your favorite events!

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There are now TWO ways to find your favorite events on Seraphim…both alphabetically and by frequency!


As shown in the image above, simply use the tabs to navigate through fairs, sales and hunts, kids events, yardsales, and all other events listed alphabetically for ease of use.  We also provide an alternative listing to the events based upon how often they recur!  Simply click the “Select Category” drop down box found on the right hand side of your screen and you will see all your favorite events neatly organized into frequency categories.


Thank you for your amazing feedback and suggestions to help us improve the shopper experience!  We are here as a guide for all shoppers in Second Life, and love the contributions you make that keep us the number one sales and events blog in SL!


As always, if you would like any help locating an event, please feel free to contact any members of the Seraphim Team.

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