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Seraphim HQ Grand Opening – 28 FREE GIFTS!!

Posted by on Oct 9, 2011 in One of a Kind! | 3 comments Logo

Seraphim has decided to open an office in-world! We figured it would be good to have a place to meet up and also mingle with our readers, but we didn’t want to stop at just “good”! So what did we do? Well, we rounded up some of the finest designers from across the grid to contribute their time and talents to present you with 27 wonderful gifts, not only to celebrate our Grand Opening but to also say thanks to you, our readers, for becoming part of the Seraphim family.

You will find items ranging from clothes to furniture to jewelry and accessories – we even have our own Seraphim motorcycle – all absolutely FREE! So if you haven’t joined the -Seraphim- group in-world yet, we’ve just given you 28 reasons to do so! You’ll need the group tag to receive the gifts, and they won’t be available forever, so beat the crowds and head on over! We’d love to welcome you to our new home.

Click the “Read More” button below to see all of the great items from:

[Sakide] ✸ Hearse Ltd. ✸ Entropy ✸ STAKEY ✸ A.D.D. Andel ✸ *Step inSide* Furniture and Skins ✸ =HOOT= ✸ Marmalade Jam ✸ Es’cusi ✸ AURA ✸ MOLiCHiNO ✸ Concrete Flowers ✸ KOSH ✸ Cheeky Pea ✸ [Virtual/Insanity] ✸ *Tatty Soup* ✸ Fuzzy Bee ✸ C & R Furnished Skybox Rentals ✸ Hogs & Cart Wheels ✸ *TuttiFrutti* ✸ .SWEET ANTIDOTE. ✸ Embody Shapes & Poses ✸ .: Somnia :. ✸ ~Mystic Canvass~ ✸ Tranquility Way Station Designs ✸ !Oasis Furniture ✸ Khargo


Thank you designers and readers for always making us feel so loved! ❥❥❥

Click the button to READ MORE and see the COMPLETE GALLERY! ——->>>>>>>

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