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100 Block to Choose From

Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in Fairs & Special Events | 0 comments

100 Block 1x1 Orange 2014

What’s the best thing to have when you want to bring in amazing designers? How about a block part? Heck yes! Depraved Nation has brought to us, 100 Block! Featuring over 100 designers and artist, there is just so much to choose from. This lovely block extravaganza will begin today, April 9th, at noon and will finally end on April 30th!

Maddie, Nevy & Del

Teleport to 100 Block

MIA: NikotiN, CnS E-Motion, Razor


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Bring on Your Luck with The Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair!

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in Fairs & Special Events | Comments Off

Saint Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us and Depraved Nation is celebrating accordingly! Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair has finally opened today and is filled with hundreds, and I do mean HUNDREDS of gachas, all the way from ‘A’ to ellemeno and ending with ‘Z’!  This ultimate and awesome gacha fair will only be around until March 31, so make sure you bring your luck with you as you stop by!

Adriana, Khaya, Maddie and Nevy <3

Teleport to Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair


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Get F R O S T ed!

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We’ve waited a full year for the return of F R O S T and here it is!  Come wander the frozen streets and stroll in and out of shops to check out the exclusive items the designers made just for this event, in addition to several other featured items.  You will also find a plethora of freebies and dollarbies from all your favorite designers under the tree, just in time for Christmas.  So bundle up tight and grab some hot chocolate, then teleport in for a fantastic afternoon of shopping.  This year’s collection will absolutely not disappoint!  Pop in between now and January 5th to get a little F R O S T y!

Teleport to F R O S T

MIA:  Alice Project, deer., LikeA, Nikotin

.Arianna., ♥Elvi♥, Scout, ❇Del


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