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Black Fashion Fair 2015!

Posted by on Apr 17, 2015 in Fairs & Special Events | 0 comments

blackfashionfareIt is finally time to dress in black for the Black Fashion Fair! Two sims are filled to the brim with 184 of your favorite designers who are here to make black the new black! The Black Fashion Fair will be ending on May 4, so hurry down to the east and west side for some amazingly new exclusives!

~°Maddie, Cinder, Tara°~

MIA: Bad Unicorn Clothing, Beautiful Dirty Rich, Le Fil Casse,Mien, NeverWood, Phoebe, Sassy

Teleport to the Black Fashion Fair – East Side

Teleport to the Black Fashion Fair – West Side


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100 Block is Here Again!

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The 100 Block Flyer - 2015The event of the year that all of you Depraved fans have been waiting for! The 100 Block is finally back for a brand new party! From today until April 30, all of you snazzy peoples can enjoy a full block of the top one-hundred designers in the grid! Time to come enjoy the fashion, art, and music, right now!

♥ Maddie and Alice ♥

MIA: AFI, Blueberry, Co FiftySeven, Death Row Design, Whatever

Teleport to The 100 Block


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Rock Attitude Fashion Fair is back

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The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair is back for a second year, chock full of rockin’ creations from over 80 of your favorite designers. Each designer is featuring at least one exclusive item that is styled after emo, alternative, grunge, punk, rockabilly, pop rock or streetwear styles. Grab your wallets and head over to this great event before April 11 to grab all the exclusives. And guys, don’t shy away from this one! There are plenty of fashions geared toward both female and male avies. So what are you waiting for? Go to Rock Attitude Fashion Fair and be the first of your friends to wear these great designs!

Tara & Del

Teleport to Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

MIA: Aphotic, BSD Design Studio, En Vogue, Fanatik, Mundos, Sassy


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Love is in the Air at With Love Fair!

Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Fairs & Special Events | Comments Off

With Love Fair 2015 Poster


Can you feel it in the air? With Love Fair is finally here and ready to make your February lovely! Classy, sexy, naughty or cute, which one are you? Well you’ll find it all here. With such a large collection of talented designers showing off their skills from clothing to decor to jewelry, you don’t want to miss out. This Event closes the love gates on the 20th of February, so don’t forget to drop on by! Happy shopping.

☺Ambreh Lynn, Connie, Tara

Teleport to With Love Fair


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It’s time to say Oh My Gacha again!

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Oh My Gacha Winter 2015


Jersey Shore proudly brings you the Winter edition of Oh My Gacha! It’s time for you to jump on the gacha madness again and play the insane amount of shiny new machines waiting for you. From skin to hair, from accessories to decor, the very best of the grid is here for your shopping pleasure. You only have until the 31st to binge on this fantastic event, so start playing now or be sorry later!

Ambreh, Eden, Lisa & Connie

Teleport to Oh My Gacha!

MIA: Belle Poses, Brixley, Candy Doll, Diamante, Heathenesque, Ionic, Noodles.


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Get Frozen with F R O S T 2014!

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Frosty Flyer 2014


It’s finally time for everyone’s favorite wintery time event – F R O S T! Depraved Nations has brought all of your favority designers under one roof with all things winter and snowy! Form now, December 13, to January 3 of the new year, you can come get all these amazing exclusives! So what are you waiting for?!

♥Maddie, Eden, Lisa, Nevy♥

MIA: Miseria, Dirty Stories,

Teleport to F R O S T


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The Vintage and Cool Fair is Too Hot!

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Vintage and Cool Fair 10102014

From October 10th to the 24th, shake a tail-feather and head down to the Vintage and Cool Fair!   Style is never out of fashion, and these designers have plenty of exclusives from a dozen eras that’ll make you gawk!    From outfits, dresses, shoes, skins, makeup and more; this fair has it all!  Come on over!

Callie, Nevy and Eden

Teleport to the Vintage and Cool Fair



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50% Off at even.flow

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evenflow sale


even.flow is having a 50% off clearance sale on select items, starting right now and ending September 23 at 11:59 PM SLT.  Most of the items will be retired to marketplace, but some will be retired forever!  This could be your last chance to pick up some of your even.flow favorites!  The sale items are being placed in a separate, clearly marked area in the store.  Run (don’t walk) over to even.flow and pick up some great deals over the next two weeks!


Teleport to even.flow

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Feeb’s Rascals Gacha Square is Back!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 in Feeb's Rascal Gacha Square | Comments Off

Calling all gacha addicts – you have another treat in store as Feeb’s Rascals Gacha Square returns with a jam packed round of nearly 50 gachas all priced between just 25-100L. This is a delightful spot to find items old and new from some amazing stores all in one location – come take a look around the square that’s slap bang in the heart of the redesigned shopping district.. it’s a lovely day for a stroll and some bargain shopping! You have all month to grab this round’s items before they make room for new ones.. see you there!

Chiana ❀

Teleport to Feeb’s Rascals Gacha Square


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