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The 100 Block – Fashion Fair and Photo Contest is back!

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The 100 Block Fashion event s back for another year. The idea is always the same get 100 designers and make sure you have the best time of your life in this urban like event! AH! Did I mentioned that they have a photo contest going on? ups! My bad, make sure you check out their flickers page and more importantly, tp to their sim and enjoy! April 9th-30th, 2016.

Indi, Jordy & Atiya.

Teleport to The 100 Block

MIA: 1 Hundred, AlterEgo, Bubble, Byrne, Cute Poison, Dirty Stories, Edelfabrik, Gawk, Glitzz, Inhale, Kenvie, Modulus, Reckless, The Forge.


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Bokeh and Even Flow Sale!

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  • Bokeh and Even Flow Sale!
  • March 6 – March 20
  • Store Genre:  Furniture, Decor, Toys, Jewelry, and Clothing
  • Entire stores are discounted, including gift cards.  Gachas are excluded.  Store credit can be earned during sale.
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to Bokeh and Even Flow
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Peace Love and Happiness at Flower Power!

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Drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll, man!  No no that isn’t it, Flower Power brings us tons of fun fashions, poses, accessories to usher in SPRING and peace and love!!!  This event only runs a short time February 12 – 26, 2016 so you better get in your hippie bus and drive there before it’s all over!

Brought to you by the Seraphim Hippies,
Cherries, Cinder & Ginger

Teleport to Flower Power

MIA: Envogue, Gizza, Belle Epoque, Goth1c0, La Boheme, La Vian & Co, Jesy Dream, Secrets, Veechi


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Relax, it’s Lazy Sunday!

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Chill out, grab a hot drink, and let’s shop! Lazy Sunday is back with an amazing new round of items that are only 75L or less! This round has some adorable, super fantastic items for all tastes. It only lasts today so be lazy, but not too lazy and get to shopping!

💖 Indigo


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