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Zooby Affiliate Holiday Festival 2013

Posted by on Dec 7, 2013 in Fairs & Special Events | Comments Off


The Zooby Affiliate Holiday Festival for 2013 is underway!  We love our Zooby children but amazingly this festival speaks to the child in all of us.  They have super sized everything so we all can recapture that magical moment of being a small person again and taking in all the wonders of Christmas.  There are exclusive items being sold at this event so it’s a great time to warm up with hot chocolate, our children and shop for all their holiday favorites.  There is a skating rink that provides skates at no cost, Santa and an Advent Calender!  I have seen so many gifts too..and not just for our children but for us moms and dads as well!  What is most special to me about this event is that there is a collection taking place by donating transferable items so that SL people who cannot afford having a Zooby family can have the experience.  There is so much more but you really have to go and see for yourself and for a moment…close your eyes, let your head fall back, stick out your tongue and catch a snowflake or two.  Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful Zooby families.


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