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Are you ready for the scariest night of your life? Welcome The Nightmare Event 2015

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So, i’ve heard you like terror and creepy stuff, am I right? I also heard that Halloween is one of your favorite times of the year and we all know that if you wanna get THE costume for Halloween you need to start looking for it ASAP. Lucky for you I’ve brought you the creepiest event in the grid right now. What are you waiting for? From October 1st-30th, 2015. PS: You can thank me later *winks*

Atiya ツ

MIA: Monster Slayer

Teleport to The Nightmare Event


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It’s The Body Modification Expo :o

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I’m pretty sure you guessed by the tittle of the post but The Body Modification Expo is an event centered around body modification each designer will bring to this fair an exclusive, if this is your type of fair you might wanna go there and enjoy this full sim event without delay because I assure you there is A LOT to see! Until the 3rd of October, 2015.

Nivaya, Indigo and Atiya

Teleport to The Body Modification Expo

MIA: 1 hundred, Aitui, Alice project, Angel of metal, As, Besom, Bubble, Essences, Glitzz, Pink acid, Punch, Random Matter, Razor, Sigma jewels, Supernatural, Tatalum,Virtual insanity, Wathever.


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My SLink Obsession is back!

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Gone too long, My SLink Obsession finally returns from its break and and it’s bigger than ever! A festival of finery for your SLink mesh bits and others too, you’ll find nails, shoes, poses, clothes, and so much more! An exciting change to come with this relaunch is its new quarterly schedule, which means you have until July 22nd to get your fix, and then it won’t be back for another 3 months! So don’t delay!

Nivaya <3

Teleport to My SLink Obsession


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