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It’s the 2017 Spoonful Of Sugar Festival!

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The Spoonful of Sugar Festival was founded by Ever Courtois and Angelique Wickentower in 2016 to Medcine Sans Frontieres (MSF) – Doctors Without Borders, a global charitable organization that helps millions of people everyday to attain desperately needed medical assistance in some of the most frightening and destitute parts of the world. They are impartial and fearless in their endeavors to restore dignity and well-being to those who most need it.  Come join the Second Annual SOS Festival until April 1st.  Bring the whole family to enjoy 5 sims with over 180 designers, for some major shopping with proceeds going to aid in this non profit organization, gachas, auctions, entertainment, and most of all education about MSF that will leave you knowing, your contribution made a difference.  So come shop for a great cause at The Spoonful of Sugar Festival were 100% of these items are given to the foundation!

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Always Bet on a Great Deal at Roulett3!

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Place your bets and always bet on a great deal at Roulett3!  You will always come out a winner with some amazing designers showcasing some amazing items at a great price.  Take a chance and collect some winning items at Roulett3 before December 23, or you just might lose to the house!


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