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Lazy Sunday You Lazy Shoppers!

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Lazy SundayLazy Sunday is now here with some amazing sales! Check the gallery for information and direct slurls!



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Sunday Park Misses You!

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Sunday Park


It’s been a whole week since the last time you visited Sunday Park, and it sure has missed you! So don’t hesitate any longer, because these amazing 50% discounts end Sunday at midnight. I’ll see ya there!


Teleport to Sunday Park

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35L Sunday

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The weekend may be coming to a close, but at least there are some awesome sales still going on! 35L Sunday is back again with another list cram packed full of bargains. Check out their blog for a preview, but hurry, it’s over once the weekend is done!


35L Sunday Photos

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Enjoy your weekend at The Fashion Collective!

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The Fashion Collective is finally back and for two weeks you get to shop from your favorite designers at one place! Check the gallery below, get your shopping list ready and TP to The Fashion Collective today!

· Connie ·

Teleport to The Fashion Collective


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Cirque de Seraphim update: Sponsors are Announced!

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As soon as Cirque de Seraphim was announced, we were met with a huge and somewhat overwhelming response!  Immediately we saw that our original plan for 10 sponsors was inadequate for an event this size.  We are thrilled that a charity event such as Cirque de Seraphim has grown from what we envisioned to a multi-sim event with some of the best and brightest creators across the grid.

Due to the immediate response, we have been able to pick our sponsors a bit early and are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce them!  A huge thank you to Atomic, BoOgErS Cae, Collage, Consignment, Coquet, David Heather, Double Take, [fetch], Frogstar, Fuubutsu Dou, geek., Hopscotch, junk, Lark, MadPea, Mango Cheeks, .mien poses., MOON, Pink Sugah, RACK Poses, SexZ, tarte, and [trs].


Cirque de Seraphim - Sponsors

Please do not worry if you have not yet heard back from us.  Designer applications are not due until July 31, 2014 and we still have a lot to review.  Check the Cirque de Seraphim website (HERE) August 5, 2014 for the final list of designers to accompany our amazing sponsors.

If you have not yet applied, the deadline is fast approaching!  Click HERE to access the Terms & Conditions, and HERE to submit your application as a Cirque de Seraphim designer.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Daydreaming with The Dreaming Tree

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The Dreaming Tree is here this week allowing all of us to day dream! This weekend’s unique theme is day dreaming! Make sure you snag the NC and check the gallery for all the informations and SLURLs you need!


MIA: Lisp Bazaar, Bauhaus Movement, Black Tulip


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The Saturday Sale

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The Saturday Sale

It’s my favorite day of the week-Saturday! And that means it’s finally time for another weekend of fantastic deals with The Saturday Sale! Talented creators across the grid have put out things for you for only 50L-75L, but it’s only for today, so hurry and grab your list!


Teleport to Reign

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Sixty Linden Weekends Has Arrived!

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60L Weekends

Saturday has snuck up on us once again, but who is complaining? The weekends bring us tons of shopping opportunities to feed our retail addictions, and Sixty Linden Weekends is handing you a fork! Take a look at their site for a preview of all of the great items that are being offered for only 60L, and then get going, because this buffet ends with the weekend!


Sixty Linden Weekends Photos

Sixty Linden Weekends Flickr

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30L Saturday

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30L Saturday

Good morning, sleepy head! 30L Saturday is here again this weekend to bring you a selection of items for only 30L! So hurry up and drag yourself out of bed and get over to Whatz, because once this beautiful Saturday is over, so are these great prices!


Teleport to Whatz

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It’s time to show you Where the Wild Things are!

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logoIntroducing an amazing new event, Where the Wild Things are to the Second Life shopping world. Based on the very popular book by Maurice Sendak, this event starts now and ends August 10th. This new shopping extravaganza features some of SL’s favourite designers and some extra special freebies exclusive to Where the Wild Things are. Make sure you grab your critters and creatures and even the husband/wife and kids and come on down to have a look! And in the words of Max, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to Where the Wild Things Are!



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fi*Friday Sums it Up

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It’s Friday which means, yes a new round of fi*Friday has risen to the surface. A brand new batch of clothes, shoes, accessories and more to chose from all for 55L. But remember you only have a week to save up lindens and take advantage of the sales. Hope to see you there.

Choi & Nikki

Teleport to fi*Friday


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