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Be first in line to get your BishBox!

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Preorder your BishBox before March 19th to receive an exclusive bundle of bold and sexy creations that are bound to make you look even hotter! The normal price of 1500L will go up after the deadline, so sign up for yours now!


BishBox headquarters

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Make the most of your Sixty Linden Weekend!

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When it comes to shopping, you want both quality and affordable prices. Sixty Linden Weekends is back to help you with that! You have two days to pick up the best from the participating stores, so get moving before the prices go back to normal!


Sixty Linden Weekends Photos

Sixty Linden Weekends Flickr

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30L Saturday has some super special deals!

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Say hello to the event that brings you the best quality for the lowest price! For only 24 hours you can shop your heart out without emptying your wallet. Remember to pick the stores list from the inworld group and get going!


30L Saturday on Flickr

Teleport to Whatz

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Get Uber Excited About This Round!

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If you fell in love with the last round of Uber, you will extra excited about this one!  Even though they have a brand new look, the same designers you love so much will be showcasing amazing must have items.  Don’t be left in yesterday’s style, hurry over to Uber before March 23rd, for a round you won’t forget.

ღCherries & Connie

MIA:  Hucci, Valekoer, Monso

Teleport to Uber


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Get Ready! The Arcade is Coming! -March Shopping Guide

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Spring is in the air and so is the excitement for this round of The Arcade Gacha Event!  Check out the new shopping guide and start making your list of all the amazing goodies you have to have.  Be one of the first to hit the event when it opens, trust me, you won’t want to miss the fabulous collections The Arcade has to offer.  This round begins on March 1st!


The Arcade Shopping Guide

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I can’t get enough of these awesome Steals and Deals!

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Join me on a shopping frenzy while we visit every store in this round of Steals and Deals! We have to be done by Monday or we’ll miss the discounts, so we better get going now!


Steals and Deals Blog

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Take a Chance with Fifty Linden Fridays!

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It’s a new round of Fifty Linden Fridays and this time? There’s a new store to check out! This week has some amazing stuff for you in clothing, shoes, decor, and more – but honestly, when is there not a ton of great things for you to toss all your Linden at?! Just make sure to hop around today – the deals are done at midnight!



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Re-Opening Sale at Lotus!

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  • Lotus is having a Re-Opening Sale
  • February 20 – March 1
  • Store Genre:  Eyes & Accessories
  • Entire store discounted, excluding gacha and appliers
  • 25% off
  • Teleport to Lotus
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Lost & Found Gives You a Reason to Smile!

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If you like vintage goodies, you so need to check out Lost & Found like…right now! There’s so, so many great shops set up here, all with a little something to bring a smile to your face. And this time? There’s a great little gacha market, too! So you have to make sure to check that out, because who doesn’t love a great gacha deal?! Just make sure to head there soon – it closes on March 1st!


Teleport to Lost & Found

MIA: Boomerang, Straydog

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Get your Seraphim HUD today!

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Get the Seraphim HUD today, completely free and available on marketplace, to bring your experience in-world with just a click of the mouse!

The Seraphim HUD brings you the most current, up-to-date information about every event that Seraphim helps to promote!  The HUD is easy to use and requires no set up by the user.  Simply attach it to your screen, click, and you’re ready to go!  Included in the HUD are the ability to:

  • create settings that notify you when a new post is available to be viewed on the Seraphim site
  • mark favorite events and create settings to see only those favorites
  • view all events that are currently open on the grid, regardless of favorite selection
  • teleport directly to sales and events without having to copy/paste SLurl or map information
  • set an option for a repetitive teleport feature which will try to get you into those super crowded events over and over automatically
  • access the website gallery for a specific event
  • search for a specific event name and have it at your fingertips
  • sort events alphabetically or in order of the time/date they open (both ascending and descending)
  • minimizes to a small icon on your interface to avoid obstruction of your SL experience.
  • for more information about the HUD, please visit our dedicated page by clicking HERE.



Advertisers interested in in-world promotion through can promote via the Seraphim HUD as one of five advertisers per week, rotating through ads at random in five-minute intervals.  Ads come with click-through functionality, helping new shoppers find your in-world presence, marketplace store, or blog/website.  The Seraphim HUD is the perfect advertising choice to reach new customers that are currently in-world and looking to attend new events, discover hidden gems, and hit the hottest sales.

  • in the past six months, the Seraphim HUD has been distributed to approximately 7,937 Second Life users (as of Feb. 20, 2017).
  • advertisers are receiving up to 2,845 unique views of their 256 x 128 advertisements per week.
  • for more information about HUD advertising, please visit our advertising page by clicking HERE.




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It’s getting warmer at N21

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Are you starting to feel like the winter is, finally, leaving? No? Not yet? Well, if you wanna get that spring feel you might wanna think about stopping by Nº21 before the 12th of March, 2017, or you will loose the chance to do the first spring shopping of the year.

🌟 Atiya 🌟

Teleport to No21

MIA: Ooo studio, Revoul, Sayo


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