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Get Mixing It Up With Mix!

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Mix has hit the grid and this is one event you do not want to miss!  Here’s the “how to’s” for this awesome event.  Grab a HUD – you can get these on Marketplace, join the Mix Event Group and look in the noticesor hit the signs at any of the participating stores for one.  The HUD takes all the hard work out of shopping for you.  First it has all the participating stores on there.  Clicking the store name brings up the TP for you.  You will notice that there are different colours on the HUD.  Pink means the store has an item on sale, blue is a new release and yellow is an exclusive item for the event.  You have one month to enjoy this awesome event, so grab a HUD and get grid hopping and shopping with Mix now!

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

MIA: Represent, The Birdy Collective, Trompe Loeil.


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Beautify yourself at The Makeover Room!

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Right now it’s so hot that I’m just sweating makeup off, it’s not a beautiful time, but there’s no danger of that happening with this round of The Makeover Room, with great deals to keep your avatar looking fresh and cool all through this July. You have until July 26th to grab these, before they’re replaced with another hot selection!

Nivaya <3

Teleport to The Makeover Room


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Ooooh Caaaanada Day Sale at BYRNE!

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  • Canada Day Sale at BYRNE
  • July 1st – July 5th, 2015
  • Everything in the store
  • 50% off
  • Teleport to BYRNE
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Festival Time at The Showroom!

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Happy Humpday everyone!  The Showroom has just the things you need to get you through the midweek blues – fab shopping!  There are loads of fashions, accessories, and poses with the theme of Festival for this fun round.  The Showroom is open July 1 – July 11, 2015 so better get shopping!

♣ Cinder

MIA: Italiano, Prey, Vashty, Tony, Blackhaus, Unorthodox

Teleport to The Showroom


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Angels Among Us at Oneword!

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I can’t believe it’s July already!  However that means Oneword is back!  This round Oneword brings us a most heavenly theme – Angel.  Loads of fashions, home and garden items, accessories, and poses all inspired by just one word – Angel.  Open July 1 – July 15, 2015.

♣ Cinder

Teleport to Oneword


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Hello Beautiful for Camp!

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Hello Beautiful boasts two themes this month, first a taste of the exotic with some Asian theming, and secondly, it’s July, and that means, Camp! There’s tons of pretty things just for kids faces here, pick something up in your cabin’s color, or grab something fancier! There’s tons to choose from, and you’ve got until the 25th to do it!

Nivaya <3

Teleport to Hello Beautiful


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What Will You Find at The Mystery Gacha Fair?

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Gacha addicts – this one is for you! The Mystery Gacha Fair brings you all of the button pressing fun you crave, with an exciting twist! None of the merchants are showing all of their cards, with only commons and rares displayed on their machines. However each contains four super special mystery ultra rares, with only one available to be won from each designer every day. Or if you’re able to contain your excitement that long, all four ultra rares will be available on the last two days of the event. Can you solve the mystery before July 5th at midnight? Give it a shot!


Teleport to The Mystery Gacha Fair

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Ai Gacha Event July round is upon us!

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Hmm…You like gacha? You like cute gacha? Then this is THE event for you :) This is the 3rd round of Ai Gacha Event and they’ve got it all for you! From July 1st- 25th, 2015.

(the double A team~) .♥.Alice Bates.♥. & Atiya ツ

MIA: Astralia, Bsd design studio, Che bella, Cream spaghetti hair, Nerdology, Nomore

Teleport to Ai Gacha


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Designer Showcase is back!

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Designer Showcase is back for July and WOW are there some amazing steals in this round! You have until July 26th to check these out so you better grab your girlfriends and head on down!


Teleport to Designer Showcase


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Lets start this month with FaMESHed!

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July 1st is here and it brought one of the best FaMESHed rounds i’ve ever seen! We are used to FaMESHed being on of those “need to go ASAP” events in the grid and man! this month they’ve certainly outdone themselves! From Ariskea to Zerkalo, clothing to furniture they have it all…summer style! PS: you only have until the 27th to enjoy this round so HURRY UP!

Atiya ツ

MIA: Unkindness, The Den, Nyu, Junk

Teleport to FaMESHed


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Anime Round at the Event @ 1st!

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It’s the first of the month and what better way to celebrate then a shopping spree at The Event @ 1st!   It is Anime time at The Event @ 1st, so you can find some of your favorite designers as well as a few new ones featuring both their brand new event exclusives, along with some of their all-time favorites! A quick browse around and you’ll find some gorgeous clothing, stunning accessories, and even some great skins and poses to add to or start off your anime collection.  Make sure to schedule a visit to Event @ 1st before July 25th when this round ends.  You won’t regret it.


Teleport to Event @ 1st

Event @ 1st Photos


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Closing Sale at Fetch!

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  • Fetch is closing its door sale
  • July 1 – July 31
  • Entire store discounted
  • 50% off everything
  • Teleport to Fetch
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