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Grenade-Free Weekend Blast

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Grenade-Free Weekend has returned for this brand new, two day, sale round! Jersey Shore designers are back this week with new deals for everyone! Check the gallery now, before tomorrow ends!



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100 Block to Choose From

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100 Block 1x1 Orange 2014

What’s the best thing to have when you want to bring in amazing designers? How about a block part? Heck yes! Depraved Nation has brought to us, 100 Block! Featuring over 100 designers and artist, there is just so much to choose from. This lovely block extravaganza will begin today, April 9th, at noon and will finally end on April 30th!

Maddie, Nevy & Del

Teleport to 100 Block

MIA: NikotiN, CnS E-Motion, Razor


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Bring on Your Luck with The Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair!

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Saint Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us and Depraved Nation is celebrating accordingly! Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair has finally opened today and is filled with hundreds, and I do mean HUNDREDS of gachas, all the way from ‘A’ to ellemeno and ending with ‘Z’!  This ultimate and awesome gacha fair will only be around until March 31, so make sure you bring your luck with you as you stop by!

Adriana, Khaya, Maddie and Nevy <3

Teleport to Luck of The Irish Gacha Fair


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Whore Couture Fair 3 is back

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WC3 Logo


The much anticipated Whore Couture Fair is back!  Starting today and running through March 31, teleport in to one of the most popular events on the grid to get all the goodies for your inner (and outer) whore!  With over 100 of the most cherished designers from across the grid, there is something here for everyone.  If you’re a girl who likes her implants, then this is the place for you.  Boobies, butts, and more await you at nearly every shop, and you will be shocked at some of the clever creations featured this round.  Each shop has at least one exclusive item made just for this fair that you will not find anywhere else!  Pop over to Whore Couture Fair 3 and shop until you drop!

Vio, Elvi, Khaya & Del

Teleport to Whore Couture Fair 3

Use this map to correspond to the Seraphim gallery


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. . . With Love to you all <3

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AD-With Love Fair -1467x2048

With Valentines approaching us ever so quickly, the With Love Fair is here to help celebrate with you! Many designers from across the grid have come together to bring everyone various items for men and woman! These creative and awesome designers have put together exclusive items, so you can find that perfect gift for your perfect loved one! This loving event starts on February 7 and will end on February 21, 2014, so make sure you do get those special gifts before it’s too late!

Teleport to With love Fair

MIA: Whatever

Adriana, Madi.B, Khaya & Maddie


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The Second ‘Men Only Gacha’ is Ready at the Starting Line

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MOG2 Poster

Are all you men ready? I hope you are, because the second Men Only Gacha has started today and features some really awesome designers! Most items are for men, but there are some unisex items thrown in, so there is always something for us ladies! Don’t miss out on these awesome gachas, from skins to snapbacks! Check the gallery below and make sure you click that limo so you know which direction you’re headed in.

Teleport to Men Only Gacha

MIA: Razor, Surrogates, Labyrinth Skins, Luxe, geek., 7style



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Suicide Dollz Unleashes The Sexy

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It’s already another round of Suicide Dollz, yay for us! That means a new exhibit of amazingly sexy items from some of the best up and coming designers SL has to offer. Many thanks to Suicide Dollz curators for bringing us such a great event! Have fun shopping and exploring your dark, alluring side ladies!

Masumi D.


Teleport To Suicide Dollz


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Pink Friday – Oh pink, how we love thee.

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It is round three of Pink Friday! All items have a hint of Pink Friday in it, and who doesn’t love pink?! Whether you want some new lingerie, or some new accessories, as it is Friday and shopping is good for the soul, why not take a look at what Pink Friday has to offer to you today! All items are set at low prices and for one day only!


MIA: Anymore, ..[Dolly].., *Epic*, *HolliPocket*, [LDP], MoulinRouge, {PixelGeek}, ..:sexZ:.., Wicked Night Nerdy Needs, Xtrem Style


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OMGacha, It’s Winter!

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Oh My Gacha - Winter 2013__

OMGacha is back with another amazing round of gacha madness!  For the winter edition, the designers have put out some really fantastic designs to help shake those winter blues away.  This event has it all – clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, plushies, toys…you name it, you’re going to find it at OMGacha.  If you’re one who likes the sport of trading your gacha items, the designers have all been asked to make their creations transferable.  ‘Tis the season to be gacha’ing!  The event opened as we rang in the new year, and lasts until January 31, 2014.  Go get your gacha fix now!  Once this round is over, there are three long months ahead until the next round!

Teleport to OMGacha

Arianna, Dream, Elvi and Del

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Pink Friday, the beauty of Pink!

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Word on the street is that there is a new Friday event! Yes, this in fact is true. Pink Friday is a new event that will be every Friday with each item having the color pink in it! All items are to be listed at 80L each. There are a lot of talented creators in this event that will be showcasing their goods just for you! Maybe you want some new lingerie, or possibly a gorgeous shabby chic sweater? Whatever it is, make this event your next stop and discover some new stores for your wardrobe needs and pink obsession!


MIA: [Xtrem-Style], [LDP], [MoulinRouge], Dolly, {PixelGeek}, *Epic*


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Get F R O S T ed!

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We’ve waited a full year for the return of F R O S T and here it is!  Come wander the frozen streets and stroll in and out of shops to check out the exclusive items the designers made just for this event, in addition to several other featured items.  You will also find a plethora of freebies and dollarbies from all your favorite designers under the tree, just in time for Christmas.  So bundle up tight and grab some hot chocolate, then teleport in for a fantastic afternoon of shopping.  This year’s collection will absolutely not disappoint!  Pop in between now and January 5th to get a little F R O S T y!

Teleport to F R O S T

MIA:  Alice Project, deer., LikeA, Nikotin

.Arianna., ♥Elvi♥, Scout, ❇Del


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Perfect Wardrobe

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Perfect Wardrobe is open for a new round! There are some new and amazing items there for this round to kick off December and to get ready for Winter. Snag a couple of your friends and head over to the new round and become addicted to this rounds items! There is only two weeks to get some of the hottest items right now, so you better get to it!

Teleport to Perfect Wardrobe

MIA: Illmatic, geek.



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