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The Second ‘Men Only Gacha’ is Ready at the Starting Line

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MOG2 Poster

Are all you men ready? I hope you are, because the second Men Only Gacha has started today and features some really awesome designers! Most items are for men, but there are some unisex items thrown in, so there is always something for us ladies! Don’t miss out on these awesome gachas, from skins to snapbacks! Check the gallery below and make sure you click that limo so you know which direction you’re headed in.

Teleport to Men Only Gacha

MIA: Razor, Surrogates, Labyrinth Skins, Luxe, geek., 7style



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The Mens Dept gets hotter for the winter

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The Mens Dept has just opened its doors with another fantastic round, chock full of original creations from among the best designers in Second Life. The event focuses mainly on the guys, but ladies make sure you stop by as well.  Several of the Items are unisex, and there are really great décor and furniture items as well.  I admit, even I snagged a thing or two while covering this event!  Check out the gallery and pick your favorite items, then teleport in to The Mens Dept to buy, buy, buy!  It’s never too early to treat yourself to a little something special for the holidays.  Have fun!


Teleport to The Mens Dept



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